How do you nurture and take care of yourself?
Self-care and self-nurturing are vital to our emotional balance and mental wellbeing. During times of stress it's even more important. We can't pour from an empty cup. We can't drive on an empty tank. Believe me, I know, I tried. It didn't turn out well. There's lots out there about self-care including lists and suggestions. How is this post different from those? What is self-nurture? How is that different than self-care? How will knowing that distinction amplify your emotional balance and mental wellbeing?

What is self-nurture and how is self-nurturing different than self care? 

Self-nurture, to me, is a mindset, how we view ourself, how we treat ourself internally. It's the way we talk to ourself, what we think of ourself. A self-care routine is one way we self-nurture but we can go through self-care motions with guilt and shame. We can go get that mani / pedi and feel really guilty for taking that time. We can get that massage but be consumed with our body image spending the entire time preoccupied, far from relaxing and caring for ourself.

Some people consider simple daily tasks humans do like shower and brush our teeth as self care. That's taking care of ourselves, our basic human needs, and isn't want people normally think of as a self-care activity. Those basic tasks, though, can be performed in a very self nurturing way depending on what's happening in our mind and heart. Does that make sense?

In other words the mundane activity of combing our hair is self nurturing when done with gentle love, mindfully focused on the activity.

One time I saw a young girl very gently, slowly, combing her hair. She glanced in the mirror and stroked her hair from her crown to the ends with each stroke. It was such a gentle scene that I was captivated and it brought warmth to my heart to observe her nurture herself. In that moment, I reflected on the way I would rip a comb through my hair, angrily tugging at knots. I thought carefully about why I did that and didn't care for the answer at all. I began to gently care for myself in a more loving way. I began to nurture myself. It was a breakthrough moment.

I began to approach other activities that way and it really helped my emotional wellbeing. I began to sit and each my lunch rather than grab bites on the go. Before taking my first bite I sat for a moment of reflection, breathing and said a meaningful prayer before eating rather than a hurried thank you. I sat with friends to converse. My morning routine was touched with nurture and I began a nightly routine and guess what? I began to sleep better too!

This was all especially helpful because things normally considered self-care weren't in my budget. It was another benefit during 2020 to know how to self-nurture and self-care at home when businesses were closed that would normally provide self-care services.  

Self care ideas on a budget

Self care is a great way to start some self-nurturing and the good news is neither of those things requires anything more than a little thought and planning. Join me on Facebook in my group or follow me on Instagram for Self Nurture Sunday, a new post every week. If you have tips to share please drop a comment here or reply to my social posts.

Self-nurture is at the core of the 21 Day Boundary Challenge. Without a good relationship with ourself, emotional balance and healthy, gentle boundaries are impossible. Changing our internal dialog creates a huge shift to emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing. I know, I tried, It turned out really well.

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