Radical Proposal [Pasteur vs Bechamp / germ theory vs terrain theory]
I have a radical proposal regarding Pasteur versus Bechamp, germ theory versus terrain theory. [If you want to know more about what that means there's plenty already written that I don't need to rewrite.]

This post has nothing to do with the politics behind either of those theories or current world situation. This post is my thoughts on the science behind the two theories and does not contain medical advice or political opinion.

Here's my radical proposal. What if it's not Pasteur versus Bechamp -- germ theory versus terrain theory. What if it's not "either or" but instead and? What if it's more accurate to view it as Pasteur and Bechamp, as germ theory and terrain theory. What if we recognized the value of both instead of viewing them as diametrically opposed? What if we used them both rather than having to choose?
Let me explain...

The human body is designed to handle a certain amount of germs. We have protective and avoidance mechanisms in place plus on top of that an immune system to battle what makes it past those first lines of defense. There are molecules in the air all around us - some of them not so good. We breathe them in and some of those molecules get stuck in nose hairs and we sneeze so the molecules are expelled. The body uses mucus and other liquids (such as lymph fluids and blood) to cleanse, flush and remove foreign substances it finds dangerous or offensive while at the same time absorbing nourishment and goodness. Stomach acid is amazing and it destroys some foreign substances while at the same time breaking down others for absorption. 

If germs make it past these simple protective measures in place, we have a backup system. The immune system kicks in and we experience things like fever and tiredness. That's the body doing its job to kill foreign invaders. That's called an immune response and that's exactly what needs to happen to build immunity. That's how it works, that's how the human body was designed. When humans feel tired or feverish that's the body's signal to "rest and let me do my job" and we need to listen to that message. Here's why...

The human body has two distinct modes, fight / flight OR rest / recover. It can't do both at the same time, it's one or the other. So when we feel fatigued and tired the body is telling us to rest and recover so the fever and the immune system can do it's job to kill off the invaders it has recognized thereby creating immunity to future similar invaders. Bacteria multiply and are easily recognized by the body. Viruses, on the other hand, insert themselves into our own cells making them harder for the body to recognize and detect as foreign. So when the body does detect it, rest allows the body to do it's job.

If the body is bombarded with more germs than it can handle the impact is greater. It's like getting pelted with one rock versus an avalanche. So there's value, real value, in avoiding overloading the body with a sudden explosion of germs. That's why hand washing and masks statistically throughout history reduce spread of disease and continue to do so. That's why there's wisdom in laws going back 6,000 years of human history not to touch dead bodies without proper cleansing, quarantine and other similar laws.

That's where Pasteur's germ theory comes in and it's value. Reducing the impact on the human body so that a human body with good terrain (Bechamp) can handle the incoming germs (bacteria or virus) effectively. That's how in my opinion the two theory's work so well together. If the human body is well nourished and healthy it can handle a small amount of germs. That's exactly how it's designed. The healthier the body, the better chance it has fighting off incoming invaders. Still sometimes the incoming invasion is more than any human body - healthy or otherwise - can handle and needs help.That's also why certain exposure is dangerous for humans who have compromised body systems. Their body systems can't handle even a limited amount of incoming invaders.

Medicine, herbs, essential oils - all of it - does not cure anything. The human body must do its job. Vaccines trigger an immune response, following the same theory - minuscule exposure to trigger immune response. That's why humans feel tired and sometimes feverish after a flu shot. That's exactly what needs to happen. The human body must do what it does and heal. Western and Eastern medicine practices both give the human body a fighting chance in the case where it's losing the battle. BUT ultimately in the end it's the human body - the human organism - that must overcome the foreign invaders. Unfortunately it is not always successful. 

Think about this: 

It serves us best to not only reduce the impact of incoming germs but to ensure our terrain is as strong as it could possibly be and take good care, to nourish our body to give it a fighting chance against foreign invaders. Isn't it best to use both germ theory and terrain theory to give us the best chance of survival? What if the two theories are not diametrically opposed but rather complementary? 
For all my adult life I've believed both western and eastern medicine have their place, that they're complementary. I've always believed a healthy body can fight invaders while recognizing the value of reducing the amount of those invaders. Until now I haven't had the knowledge or vocabulary to articulate it as I've written here. There's real value in feeding and nourishing the body, in exercise and organic food, reducing stress and toxic load on the body. These are topics I often cover in my workshops the past few years. Most workshops are free because I want to share what I've learned and help other people. If you want more information about healthy living and staying above the wellness line please contact me or check the current event schedule. I have some recorded workshops listed in the main menu of the website too. 

NOTE: I'm not a doctor, scientist or medical professional, just an average human who believes passionately we are wonderfully designed and I'm filled with awe the more I learn about the human body. 
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