What are circles of intimacy and what does this mean for you?

Circles of intimacy is about social boundaries and who we choose to allow in our space. 

Remember true boundaries the way I share them in my gentle boundaries course are 100% within your control, they are not rules for others. 

Circles of intimacy is the naturally occurring  levels of closeness and intimacy we feel towards people in our lives. Think of your best buds and how you feel about them vs a casual aquaintance or someone you met in the produce aisle at the market. 

These circles range from our closest family and friends to acquaintances and strangers. Each circle requires a different level of trust and vulnerability, with our innermost circle being the people we trust the most and share the most personal information with.

Understanding the concept of circles of intimacy helps us maintain healthy relationships. By recognizing which circle someone falls into, we can adjust our behavior and expectations accordingly. For example, we may be more willing to share personal details with someone in our inner circle, but we may want to be more guarded with someone in our outer circle.

Additionally, understanding circles of intimacy can help us to identify red flags in relationships. If someone is trying to push their way into our inner circle too quickly or is violating our boundaries, it may be a sign that they are not trustworthy or respectful of our needs.

What about those who are close in relationship but don't feel "safe" for us? What about people we love but they have little emotional regulation skills? Is such a concept in agreement with scripture? Aren't we to love all people? Those are all questions that some up in my workshops. 

Would you love to learn more? 

Here's the slide I use in my workshops and sessions to explain the concept:

You can watch the video excerpt here plus a bonus video I found that will support you further.

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