Gentle Boundaries
from trapped to free with grace and ease
If you have ever used the phrase "but others don't respect my boundaries" then you're not defining boundaries. Most everything I've read on boundaries is missing some key ingredients. Take this course to learn 3 simple steps. Your boundaries are ALWAYS 100% within your control. It's impossible for others not to respect your boundaries when you have gentle boundaries with grace and ease.
Create boundaries that actually build better relationships
I struggled so hard to have boundaries true to my gentle nature. If you struggle or boundaries seem scary, confrontational or people just don't respect your boundaries when you do try, let me light your path and show you how to have gentle boundaries that stick! 

I show you how to build boundaries that convey gentle strength and kindness PLUS improve relationships. Together we'll walk through four easy steps that make gentle boundaries simple and easy!

About me and why I can help you
I was a corporate professional and knew my stuff. They called me the diplomat for how I handled and navigated the stickiest situations and issues. I brought teams together, smoothed over conflict and won over the most difficult customers. They gave me the riskiest projects with multiple projects running at the same time, each with huge budgets and diverse teams. Yet with all that, when it came to certain relationships, I crumbled

Maybe you know about boundaries but wondering how to actually do them? Maybe you can do them in some relationships and not others like me? If attempting boundaries feels hostile, if they are inconsistent, or even non-existent when it really matters, oh how I relate

This course will make your gentle boundaries unwavering, impervious, solid, powerful and strong. Implementing them will feel kind, graceful, and honest

I tried and tried with boundaries. Until I did the things I teach in this course that's all I did -- try... over and over... and failed to make them stick, wishy washy boundaries, lines in the sand not in concrete. Then I hit a wall, big time, crashed, and had no choice but to find a way. I share that way with you in this course. These easy steps will give your boundaries sticking power and give you the backbone of steel you need to do boundaries with gentle kindness

This is a class I've done often as a live workshop that helped so many people so I made it into a self paced course you can watch over and over
Here's what you get
  • Introduction module to basic concepts - 3 lessons that build your foundation
  • Module one has 4 lessons designed to help you build your own gentle boundaries
  • Printable Guide to step you though each lesson plus space for notes
  • Bonus module with 3 videos about communication
  • Videos - for each of the 11 lessons
  • Written content for each lesson 
  • Space in your guidebook to develop and create your own gentle boundaries custom for you
  • Private group chat and discussion space within the course lessons for ongoing support
  • LIFETIME access to this course
Are you ready:
  • to make a life-altering shift in the way you manage relationships?
  • to improve every relationship in your life?
  • to reclaim your life?
  • to learn about boundaries in a way you haven't heard before?
  • to make your gentle boundaries absolutely unwavering, impervious with grace and easef?
Let's get started...
Here's what people are saying...
“Dee Castelli has proven to be a life saver.”

“This course has helped me to identify where I need to set boundaries and stick to them.”

“It was if she was saying it will be alright. We can do this together!”

“I am responsible to others, but not
for others!”

Why I Can Empower Your Gentle Boundaries

No matter the circumstances, I get it, no judgment

I use my skill of pattern recognition as a quick intuitive to build a roadmap from here to there. I empower you to choose decisions along the way, to reach your fullest potential in the most efficient way possible

According to my Clifton Strength Finders my core skills include the ability to see your big picture, understand where you are and the quickest way to get you to where you desire to be - your personal next level self

I see your destination and how to build your road to it with ease. I've done this throughout my life in my corporate job as a technical project manager, as an entrepreneur and in my personal life for multiple teams, individuals and myself. Over and over again. Now I offer my experience for your personal benefit so you too can level up
My Level UP Program
Level UP Your Boundaries!
Gentle boundaries are the second step of my Level UP program. It's part of a bigger picture. Without gentle boundaries fully claiming your life and living to your fullest potential is impossible. It's the bridge between emotional balance and empowered growth.

If you give to others because "it's the right thing to do" and feel shredded this is for you. If you pour into others without limit and not sure what's balanced or how to place limits learn these 3 simple things. Personally all the healthy relationships in my life thrived and I learned to be empathetic, loving and caring without losing myself in the process.

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

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