Acceptance - here's some thoughts - what are your thoughts on the subject ?
Recently I've come across this idea of acceptance - a few different times actually. What do you think about these ideas ?

Yesterday in my Language of Letting Go (by Melody Beattie) the topic was acceptance. She mentions how it brings peace, healing and freedom. She also mentions grief. It reminded me of a blog I wrote some time ago on the subject of acceptance and grief work being part of the healing process. You can click here to read the blog. 

In my guided journaling practice the audio prompts included the following illustration:

Acceptance is like a fish that is swimming through the river. He comes across a stone and recognizes it as an obstacle. It doesn’t reason with it or try to change the stone. He pivots around and keeps swimming forward. He doesn’t fight with the stone it or provide reasons the stone shouldn’t be there, he just keeps moving forward. The fish finds the rivers current and swims along congruent with it.

Acceptance to me is not a defeated resolve. Real acceptance comes from a place of strength and respect - for myself and others. An honest assessment of reality of people and our circumstances. Fortitude is another word that comes to mind. It flows from courage. It displays strength of mind, character and moral strength. It requires faith and resilience. There's more on that in the blog post

What does acceptance mean to you? What do you think of the fish illustration? That really helped me. 

Share your thoughts and comments below ▼ I love hearing from you ❤️

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