How we can change our reality and create our life intentionally
Do you think thoughts create our reality? Do you believe our thoughts influence our future? If our thoughts are that powerful, what does that mean for you and me right now?
This isn’t about magical thinking, "manifesting,” or believing in some woo-woo thing. This is about how amazing we are designed and created. This post and information are based solidly on scripture and science.

How Thoughts Create Reality

How we view and think about a current situation shapes the reality of that situation.
Emotions arise in response to what’s happening, and our emotions are formed mainly by how we view that situation and what we think of the circumstances.
For example, if we feel down or frustrated about a particular situation and choose to feel different emotions, that changes our thoughts. I’ve tried it more than once, and it works.
A few years back, I was discontent about a situation I had little control over. I did some research on a quote I read about a man named Paul who “chose contentment. “ I wondered if I could choose contentment and how exactly I would do that.
I also read a verse that said to "consider it all joy" when facing various challenging circumstances. How do we choose joy if our circumstances are challenging? 
To change our reality, we change our thoughts and emotions in response to the situation or circumstances. My research focused on keeping problems in perspective, being patient, cultivating gratitude, and choosing how we respond to the circumstances.
I discovered that changing my viewpoint created a massive emotional shift. I no longer felt frustration, anger, or sadness. Instead, I felt a sense of deep and abiding peace. I had chosen contentment. Intentionally and mindfully, simply by changing my viewpoint and thought pattern. I had a tool to help me do that but I hadn’t yet comprehended how helpful it was.

Changing Our Future

Multiple outcomes lay ahead of any choices we make. We have before us a blank canvas, a story unwritten. The choices we make today set a path to future outcomes. Along our way, we create an alternate outcome by making a new choice. Every moment of every day we have the opportunity to make a new choice, choose a new way of viewing our circumstances or situation, and determine how to respond at any given moment.
Our thoughts and our emotions determine our choices. Thoughts and emotions are partners that determine how we respond to situations and circumstances. They also change the outcome for others because our tone of voice and the words we choose as we interact are based on emotions and thoughts.
Can you see how that all works together? Thoughts, emotions, reality and future?

Changing Our Past

We can’t change events in the past, but we certainly can change our view of the past. One of my favorite quotes advises “forgetting the things behind and stretching forward to the things ahead.” This means we do not allow our past accomplishments or our past mistakes to distract us. We do not look at what we left behind and we do not punish ourselves for sins that God has forgiven.
The past only exists in our mind and is remembered the way we choose to remember it—more than that, our past influences our current beliefs and values. We change our present reality by clearing the emotional charge attached to memories. By changing our current view, we change what we do, how we think in the present and our current reality. Then we mindfully and intentionally choose how to respond to everyday situations. That changes our outcome and future.
Is that powerful? This is what Aroma Freedom does for us. It helps us dissolve emotions attached to the past, the present and the future so we can mindfully choose how we desire to view those things. Our powerful sense of smell interacts directly with specific parts of our brain.
If you haven’t tried the 60-second Aroma Reset, grab the guide here and see how something as simple as an herb or spice you already have in your kitchen can change your view of a present situation.
I have used my sense of smell to help me since around 2009 and have experienced incredible results using Aroma Freedom over the past few years. This method intentionally uses the way we are designed, the science of our brain, nervous system and sense of smell in a beautiful way to create mindful shifts. We were gifted our sense of smell and a fantastic variety of natural scents to enjoy for a reason.
Watch the little video after downloading the guide if you'd like more information. I’m here for your empowered growth!
How does this information empower you? What do you think about changing your present, past and future?

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  1. Dee, This is so true!! I decided about 50 years ago, not to let my mind live in the past, but to always be and enjoy the present. When my husband died very young and very suddenly, my world was upended. I was at a meeting, while he lay dying on the hospital, and that scripture was referenced , James 1:2,3..."consider it all joy when you meet with various trials, knowing as you do this TESTED QUALITY of your faith works out endurance ..." I memorized that scripture and recall it often. Life is full of trials or twists and turns but if we can approach each one with JOY, our creator can help us endure them and this, increases our faith in him. I have a little "mantra", or you would probably call it a "positive affirmation"; "I want to bloom wherever I'm planted". Whatever twists and turns life takes, It's always a wonderful adventure when you consider everything with JOY. and make the best of every situation no matter how dire it may appear at the time.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  11/18/2022 07:40 PM Central
    Oh Marcia what a tragedy! And what an amazing and beautiful application of that verse. I love your brining in the idea of blooming and life and joy! Thank you for sharing this and commenting ❤️❤️‍🩹❤️
  2. “I choose contentment and joy!” :-)
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  08/26/2021 02:09 PM Central

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