Life Lessons from the Trail - obstacles
This week‘s share and lesson from the trail is about overcoming obstacles. The trail video I recorded live while walking presents a good visual. 

Sometimes in life we come across obstacles, something that’s a difficult to cross or get over. In the case of the trail it was a slippery muddy area. Totally doable to get through but just uncomfortable. Besides being squishy there’s always a chance you slip and wind up sitting in the mud!

Somewhere along the way someone walking the same trail decided to cut over just a bit to dry your ground. It wasn’t terribly out of the way, only a few feet, but it was more convenient. One person traveled that new path, then another, and another. Until there was a clearly worn path.

Sometimes we find a new way of doing something. Sometimes someone discovers it’s just a little easier if we shift this way or that way. Others following behind have the option to choose the easier path or the more difficult path. Either way both paths wind up at the same juncture it’s just a matter of choice.

Sometimes we might be the one to find a clearer path or an easier way. So we blaze our own new path. Sometimes others notice and say “hey I think I’ll go that way too“ and they follow the same path. Sometimes notice someone up ahead find an easier way through life‘s challenges. We might take that as a good example and follow suit.

Sometimes we choose to reach back and share, to let others know there might be an easier way. Those are the kind of people like me who share with a passion their experience with the hope that it resonates with others who are similarly stuck in the figurative mud wishing for a dryer path. You choose your path, it’s your journey. No one can travel your journey for you. Others can shine a light, share their map and share how they got from here to there with a bit more ease.

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Bonus Video

Trail Video

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  1. I always enjoy these, thanks again for sharing!! It’s so true, if we find something that works it’s nice to share and at least give others the opportunity to see if it will work for them too!

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