My New Favorite Planner and Why
I'm loving this new planner for daily time blocking and planning. Here's why

Time Blocking

The way it breaks up the day by half hour really helps for time blocking - that's when you break up your day in increments and align them to things you have to do - plus I set a timer that helps keep me focused on:

Top Priorities

Focus on the top 3 plus a day focus to keep my squirrel brain from going all over the place - how does one figure out what is a priority in the first place? Here's how I do it:

Mind Mapping

In the front few pages there's some mind mapping built in with some mini training pages - this is right in line with what I do for coaching sessions (read more about coaching sessions on my website) and is a major game changer for me - stay tuned for more articles on mind mapping as part of my coaching sessions!

Here it is

Here it is on Amazon

Here's pictures of my blank pages - because again squirrel brain - my real pages are a hot mess 😂

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