Release Stuck Emotions and Memories
Set yourself free from emotional blocks. Clear away memories of the past holding your back today. Claim your full self and live to your full potential. Create the life you desire. Step into contentment and peace

Here's how...

Emotions and memories get stuck in the brain. I'm doing a full workshop on how this works exactly but here's a quick short video on how implicit memory works and how memories from the past get stuck in our brain sabotaging our present.

Implicit memories are "lessons learned" that we walk away with after just basic life experiences. Sometimes the lesson learned serves us in the moment but doesn't serve us in the present. They replay in our head like loops keeping us small and holding us back.

Maybe you were teased at school. In that moment you chose to step back out of the situation. That action may have kept you safe in the moment but the implicit memory, the lesson you walk away with, may sound something like "I need to stay small so I don't draw attention to myself and get teased" That memory plays like a loop and often gets reinforced by yet more experiences. We stifle our true and authentic self.

The other part of memory has to do with how we file away life events. Every day events get filed away while we sleep, some events get filed away with a highlight or sticky flag because there's emotion attached to it. It's just how the human brain works. Sometimes things happen that have such a high emotional charge our brain doesn't know how to file it away, there is no folder neat and tidy to put it into so it stays stuck in our brain. It loops in our head endlessly and we may even learn to ignore it but it's there.

These two things about the human mind and brain can lead to self sabotage, procrastination, feeling stuck, being overwhelmed. It runs like a computer virus or malware in the background and very often we're not even aware why we can't reach our goals or do the things we wish to do. We don't realize why we're stuck in an endless cycle trying, recommitting and getting stuck yet again.

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) releases and clears away these stuck emotions and memories in a gentle way making room for moving into freedom with ease. Join me for an upcoming session or schedule a personal session here

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