Overnight Oats Recipe
I’ve never made overnight oats before and wasn’t really planning on it except I’m having seasonal histamine issues. Not with my sinuses, with my skin and systemically. After doing some research on high histamine foods and making some adjustments the past week I was having a problem particularly after breakfast. Well turns out my favorite shake has pea protein and spinach powder 😳 both very high in histamines 

What to eat for breakfast?? I remembered wanting to try overnight oats and have the best ever organic coconut milk so I tweaked some recipes I found online normally since they’re usually made with nut milk.

Since sugar is also not recommending I made some fruit compote with some food I had in the freezer but that’s a recipe for another day...

TIPS: I whirl my coconut milk in the blender and this brand whips up nicely. Do it ever so briefly otherwise you end up making coconut butter - literally like making butter where the solids and liquid are permanently separated. 

I stir it all together and make it three jars at a time because the can of coconut splits nicely between three jars making a nice serving portion. If you water down the milk more or use nut milk you can make 4 jars but it's not as tasty. Being frugal I tried to stretch it and didn't like it as much. Frugal means one wants the best choice for the least cost so it's a better choice for me to enjoy it and make only 3 jars!

Pecans is on the lower histamine lists I found so that's what I add in the morning - an entire 1/4 cup or organic pecans i order off amazon 

Overnight Oats

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