Our Whole Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength

This illustration is one I use in my courses and workshops to illustrate what I know based on scripture and neuroscience. 

Neuroscience is a fancy word for the function of our brain and nervous system. Over the years as I study science, I make sure it aligns with scripture. It delights me when it lines up so closely!

Jesus had it right 2000 years before human scientists when he said that the greatest commandment is to love Jah with our whole heart, mind, strength and soul. (Mark 12:30) 

We are exactly made up of those three parts: mind, body, emotion. That's what makes each of us a whole and authentic human. Developing each one of those parts of us is crucial to our survival. Our entire soul is controlled by our Central Nervous System which is made up of our brain and a network of nerve fibers running through our body. Our brain controls everything we do, think, and feel. It communicates with the rest of our body through the nervous system, which is made up of millions of nerve cells that send signals back and forth. 

My study Bible notes dive deeper into the meaning of the words Jesus selected. He intended them to overlap according to my research tools: 

Heart means our emotions, desires and feelings. 

Mind is our intellectual faculties. 

Strength includes our physical strength and overlaps with mental ability. 

Our soul our whole being.

The four words Jesus used overlap and emphasize complete and total love for God. The Greek words in Mark's account complete the meaning of the original thought in Deuteronomy 6:5 and help me understand how serving in this way brings true joy. Those words from our Creator were uttered thousands of years ago. 

We can’t offer our whole mind, heart, soul or strength if we don’t have that in the first place. If our body is locked in fight/ flight we don’t have our whole strength. If part of our mind is stuck in the past or spinning with anxiety in the present, we don’t have a whole mind to offer. My Level UP system restores you to you whole self so you can offer your whole entire being, your whole soul, to Jah and others from a full heart and whole mind.

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What do you think of this verse and these thoughts? 
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