Bunion help and why massage your feet? Why is peppermint and tea tree essential oils so good for feet? Even if you don't have a bunion here's some good tips.

My bunion... 😣 It was so painful for so many years. These days it's no smaller but it is LOTS less painful !! Here's what I did:

First I checked some YouTube videos on bunion relief and found some that had massage techniques. So I explored massage methods and essential oils that would calm joints.

The massage techniques involve pulling the joint apart and moving the synovial fluid (lubricating fluid in joints) around. At first doing this was very painful because the joint was so very stiff. The result over time is zero pain because I keep up with daily massage and moving the joint around.

The other big help is choosing oils and carrier to support movement and calming the joint. One great choice is peppermint for it's menthol and 1,8 cineole (eucalyptol) which is also in tea tree. Both of those are also warming, calming to joints and good for getting rid of yuck that tends to be on feet and other dark damp environments. Cypress is another good choice. Sometimes at night though I'll just use my lavender cedarwood blend that I usually use for sleep.

We're really rough on our feet, they do lots of work! It's soothing to do a bit of self care massage even if you don't have a bunion. Another avenue to explore are pressure points and foot massage. It's so easy to massage ones feet and self care is so important for emotional and mental health and wellness.
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