Metamorphosis is Ugly
Picture a caterpillar transforming and emerging from its chrysalis as a butterfly. Many would imagine the caterpillar wrapping itself snugly in its cocoon, cozy while growing its wings. Most of us would also marvel at the beauty of the end result.
But here’s what really happens inside that cozy cocoon: the caterpillar digests itself, turns into soup, and reconfigures itself at a molecular level.  Some cells are destroyed, while others are preserved to form the building blocks of the butterfly. The now liquified caterpillar is used to nourish new and rapid cell reproduction.
Fascinating, Dee, but why are you telling me this?
Let me tell you why . . .
Change isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always pretty. Often it requires hard work, and very often it requires recreating oneself from the inside out. Sometimes it’s downright ugly. Sometimes you feel like caterpillar soup.
That’s how it was for me. I hit rock bottom emotionally, and that emotional toll also hit me hard physically. From there, I had some decisions to make: continue to merely exist or rise from the flames. I chose to rise.
As I continue my journey, I invite you to come along and travel with me. I'll meet you where you are—we’ll talk, sit side by side, and I'll share what’s helped me and let you decide what works for you. I’ll hold space for you while you work on recreating yourself. I’m here to tell you it’s okay, you’ve got this. You own your journey, and you can do it.
I empower people like you to set themselves free from damage and heal their unseen wounds; to choose peace, fully claim their life, and live to their fullest potential.
I assure you, the effort and energy you spend on your own journey—your own metamorphosis—is completely worth every ounce of effort. I’m here to fast-track your journey and share everything from mine so you don’t have to learn by trial and error and figure it all out on your own.
Together, let’s choose freedom and fly. Are you ready?

If you want to learn more about how I can empower and support you, message me so we can chat about how best to begin your emotional healing journey. 

or you can watch this quick video as a great first step
Emotional Balance Video

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