How Can I Increase My Feeling of Hope?
How would your life change if you experienced improved self-esteem and felt more hopeful, optimistic, and encouraged to believe in yourself? How can we increase our feeling of hope?

Have you ever had a dream? Something you really wanted to do but didn’t think was possible?

Some years back, while reading about how there are 12 different areas of a person’s life, I decided to write out my dreams for each of the 12 areas or subjects. The things I wrote on those 12 short lists were my desires, but in my mind many of them weren’t even possible. I wrote them anyway. A few weeks ago, while preparing for my workshop on goals, I found that old list. Do you know what I discovered? Most of the items on my list of dreams and desires were now accomplished! How did that happen?

"Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams."—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Change is inevitable—that's a universal truth.

Are the changes we experience the result of being pushed by our problems so that we have no choice? Or is our change led or pulled by our dreams because we choose it to be?

To me, that’s the difference between negative change and positive change. Changes in which we are left with no choice and are forced to make a decision often do not have the best outcome.

On the other hand, if we have dreams of things we wish to do and allow ourselves to be pulled in the direction of those dreams, it's a positive force. Being pulled in the direction of our dreams is something we can shape, something we can navigate. There's a bigger picture and purpose, a greater good.

What happens when we dream? What happens when we take positive steps, even little ones, in the direction of that dream? What happens when we step out of our comfort zone, stretch, and reach? Things start to open up, the way ahead becomes clear, and things start to fall into place. Have you experienced this in your life?

Personally, I've experienced it both ways—being pushed by my problems, and at other times being pulled by my dreams. In my experience, it's been a much better journey with deeper joy and fulfillment to take positive steps to work towards a dream, especially as that dream takes shape into reality.

If we set goals and reach them, we experience renewed hope and a more optimistic outlook. We begin to see possibilities and opportunities for things to improve in our life. We start to feel more content. Hope is powerful. Set tiny goals and meet them to experience forward movement towards hope.

Just writing out your dreams and creating one tiny stepping-stone in that direction can begin the forward momentum towards fulfilling your dreams. You will experience improved self-esteem and be more hopeful, optimistic, and encouraged to believe in yourself.

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