I. Love. Spring❣️ everything is so fresh and new! Especially because warmer weather is here and more to come!! For many people allergies are in full swing too and so many people these days seem to really be having a tough time even if they never had allergies before.

That made me look into what essential oils are especially supportive and promote free breathing. I've read some pretty amazing studies and made an inhaler that helps so much! The science behind how oils work is amazing and goes far beyond something smelling good... Although that's true too but the naturally occurring chemical properties of plants is so powerful!

So much would depend on the quality of the essential oil brand because if the oil has been adulterated or has added filler then the natural properties that's supposed to be in the oil just aren't there and the blend is completely ineffective at the least. If it's adulterated with harsh chemicals or fillers then that's even worse since not only would they be ineffective but harmful in top of it 😣 then what's the point. Buyer beware and do your research! It matters what you put into your body and hormone disrupting chemicals wreak havoc. Learn more about the benefits of essential oils for your health here.

My very favorite oils for spring is a blend of lemon, lavender and peppermint. I carry that mixed in carrier oil in a roller. I have other blends I love in an inhaler. Here's a list of my curated DIY favorites and if you need good quality essential oils let me know - I'm happy to help!
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