Lemon and Lime - Super Mood Boosters
Sometimes I’m ok with a slower pace and quiet contemplation. I believe there’s real value in tuning in and listening to what our physical body is communicating. Other times I feel like I need a bit of a boost, something to perk me up and lift my mood. Do you ever feel that way?
What if there was a super quick way to grab a mood boost?
Whether you use essential oils or the actual fruit to explore your sense of smell, let's look at what fruits offer emotionally and energetically.

Why It Works

Oils from fruit promote happy, outward energy. Think of what a tree does with its fruit. The fruit nourishes and protects the seed of the plant. Fruits share that nourishment and energy with us when we eat or smell the fruit. Isn’t that beautiful?
Oils from fruits are uplifting and cleansing. Citrus fruits are especially good for physical and lymphatic cleansing. Often people drink lemon water for that reason.
Citrus fruits are emotionally cleansing too! This is because our sense of smell directly connects to our memory and emotional brain centers without filtering. Our other four senses (sight, sound, touch, and taste) are prioritized, and sometimes the input is set aside as unimportant. Not so with our sense of smell! It gets top priority with every single inhale. Pretty cool, huh?
We can use our sense of smell to our advantage for emotional and mental balance. That, in turn, supports our physical wellness. When our mind, body and emotions are more level, we can handle everyday life more easily.

Why Lemon is Amazing

Do you smell that burst of aroma when you cut into a fresh lemon? That’s because you're splitting open essential oil molecules present in the fruit's peel as you cut through the peel.   
Good quality lemon oil has nothing but oil from the lemon peel in that tiny little bottle and is super concentrated. It takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of pure lemon oil - that's astonishing power right there!
Citrus fruits are especially good for the skin and circulation. They also freshen and cleanse the air in our home while boosting our mood. All the citrus oils offer energetic uplift for our mood and emotions.
Lemon (Citrus limon) is uplifting, invites happy energy, reduces tension, and promotes a sense of opening, expanding our energy. It's an excellent oil for aroma freedom - a practice to help you overcome emotional barriers and blocks so you can easily manage everyday challenges. If you still need to get your aroma reset guide, grab that here: Aroma Reset Guide.

Other Citrus Fruits / Oils

Lime (Citrus latifolia) is protecting and uplifting. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is also emotionally uplifting and supports the release of repressed emotions. Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is tremendously uplifting, highly energetic and reduces tension.


Use the actual fruit or pure essential oils to explore your sense of smell. According to published studies, synthetic chemical fragrance is quite toxic and does more harm than cigarette smoke. Pure essential oils capture power harnessed from the sun. Plants use the tremendous energy from the sun to grow, and essential oils extract that power into tiny bottles. Watch my video on plant power
I help you unlock this tremendous power and use it to improve your physical health, emotional balance, and mental health so you can feel good about yourself. Work with me to clear and dissolve your past and present emotional pain so you can survive these difficult times without losing your mind!

For years I used my sense of smell to create an emotional boost. Aroma Freedom is. a deeper practice and modality that cleared my emotional blocks once and for all. Then I was able to really be emotionally free and my life improved emotionally but also spiritually, physically and mentally.
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