Why Pleasing Others Doesn't Work - for you or for others
Do you feel suffocated by others' demands?
Do you give until you are utterly spent and it's still not enough?
Do you want to see everyone happy, yet no one is happy despite your best efforts?
If that's you, here are some lessons I learned the hard way. Maybe hearing about it can save you some pain and heartache.
For years I walked a tightrope between everyone I love and care about, trying to please everyone. I tried to make sure everyone was happy. I poured myself into others with no limits. In the end, no one was happy, including me.

Do you know why? 

First - know this, no other human *makes* someone else happy. You can have a good time together and laugh together, but no one on this planet can fill the void in your soul if you're not willing to do the work and fill it yourself.
If others are not happy and not full of joy, you cannot fill it for them. As much as we would like others in our life to feel well and whole, it's not humanly possible to fill them because making oneself whole comes from within a person.
Happiness is an inside job.
We cannot impart emotions into others because our emotions originate from within ourselves.
Think of it this way: when we are sick or have surgery, a doctor can offer us something to ease the discomfort, but in the end, our body needs to heal. The healing comes from within as you rest and recover. The doctor can't heal you. She can offer you comfort while your body does the work. That's your physical body's work; we are wonderfully designed to heal. It fills me with awe to think about how wonderfully we are made.
It's the same with our emotional healing. No one can fill that void, no one can heal your inner self, you must exert effort, and it's more than just wishing to be emotionally balanced. It's much deeper than that, so much more.
Healing emotionally with intention is what I learned, so that's what I share.
I'm here to share my journey so it doesn't take you as long to travel or be as complex and frustrating. It took me a long time, tons of books, research, spiritual digging and self-reflection. There were tears and anger and all sorts of feelings along the way. Let me show you an easier way.
I've outlined my healing path and here's my very first step. It was a huge win that I share in this complimentary video. Let me show you an easier way.

Bonus Video from the Archive

sorry for the weird lag between the voice and visual but here's a share from the heart:

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