Aroma Freedom Technique and Memories

What is Aroma Freedom?

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) connects our mind, body and emotion to a memory and then uses our sense of smell to help the brain dissolve and "file away" memories that interfere with our current life.

Memory is not just remembering what happened but includes how we perceive current and future events.
Implicit memory is the lesson or story our brain walks away with from everything we experience. That's exactly how it's supposed to work - we experience life and learn. We don't need to relearn over and over how to walk or drive a car. 

Sometimes our brain walks away with a "learning lesson" stuck in our mind that doesn't really serve us. These prevent us from reaching our goals and fullest potential without us even realizing what is keeping us stuck.

Aroma Freedom dissolves this connection and helps us see and process the memory. Simply file it away the way memories are normally filed away. It gets them unstuck. It doesn't suppress them. Rather the brain processes the memory as a life event removing the emotional charge currently keeping it stuck and spinning in our brain and body.

Scientific Factoids - why it works and how

Our sense of smell is the first smell to develop in the womb and is beyond our conscious control.

Our sense of smell directly connects to the parts of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. It is the only one of our five senses with a direct / unfiltered connection to the brain. 

All our other senses send information to the part of the brain responsible for filtering out what is important and what is not. When it comes to the sense of smell, there is no such filter. That's why when you smell something, there's an instant emotion and / or memory association beyond your control.

This is what makes aromatherapy so very powerful and why I became an aromatherapist in the first place. The Aroma Freedom Technique is a very specific aromatherapy method for working with emotional blocks, helping you release them and helping you achieve your fullest potential

If you don't have essential oils, I can get you samples for the session, or we can find alternative ways to explore your sense of smell using what you already have on hand

Do you struggle with future goals? Identify and remove obstacles to reaching your full potential and conquer once and for all those negative voices and negative self-talk sabotaging your forward momentum!

Aroma Reset 

Do you struggle with a situation in the present time? Reset and rebalance in 60 seconds. If you struggle with feelings of overwhelm by a present situation. Do this on your own with my Aroma Reset Guide

Aroma Boost 

Are you procrastinating? Do you have an immediate task that needs a bit of a jumpstart? Need to find inspiration? Tap into creativity? Master your mood? Boost your productivity? Get into a state of flow and enhance your affirmations. Let's clear your current stress state and tap into the zone of motivation and movement. Follow your Aroma Reset above with a power pose and affirmation along with any natural aroma or oil of your choice. 

Memory Resolution 

Are difficult, troubling memories or past trauma working against your present peace and growth? Uncover, unpack and set aside past trauma once and for all to claim your present life and set your path forward clear and strong. That's what AFT did for me and it's why I was moved to learn more and get certified.

Wishing you peace and healing 💛
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