Financial Block Hack
How can we think of creating a financial goal in an insecure world? Because this isn't about security, this is about reality. The reality is we need money to purchase basic necessities and we need those basic necessities to live. That's reality. Are you challenged or unsure if it's even ok to create a financial goal?  Let's take a somewhat humorous look at finances

During Aroma Freedom sessions we use our superpower sense of smell to overcome limiting beliefs. We connect with memories and emotions that run in our brain causing us to self sabotage. To start the session we create an effective goal statement. It's always in the first person as if you possess the desired outcome. Then we dig down to uncover what is stuck in your brain that may be blocking that outcome. We don't even know it's there but that's how memories sometimes work.

Sometimes clients desire to create business goals but have a real challenge around creating a solid financial goal. There's nothing wrong with a financial goal, we need a certain amount of funds to obtain life's necessities. That's just how things are for now.

Here's one thing that might help one's mindset around limiting beliefs when it comes to creating a business or money goal.

I have often said that when I got paid at the end of the week I never saw any actual cash. When I was working a corporate job nobody handed me a wad of money at the end of the week saying here’s what you made this week. I never saw any actual cash. What I did see was a piece of paper that told me I made this many numbers this week and the paper said said my company had put these numbers in my bank. If I called my bank for status they told me I had X number of numbers in my account. It was just numbers, I had never seen any actual cash.

When I buy something I use a piece of plastic that tells people I’ll give you these numbers now and you send me or let me walk out of your store with this thing. Then my credit card company sends me a list at the end of the month telling me I owe them this many numbers and I send them the numbers from my bank.

On the rare occasion somebody needs a piece of paper I write some numbers on the piece of paper and tell them here, these numbers are in my bank and I give you these numbers in exchange for the service. My bank will give you the numbers necessary for the transaction.

When I worked in the accounting department it drove me nuts because if I was one digit off it didn’t matter to my brain that I was off by one digit in the right hand column or the left-hand column. Mentally I knew it made a huge difference but to me it was just one number. If I was a penny off or $1000 off I was still off by one.

So these are just numbers. If you have a block creating a financial goal maybe wording it that “I receive this many numbers In exchange for blessing, serving  or helping others” is a way to get past creating a massive goal that expresses your true value and what you have to offer, how bless and enrich others lives.

If you're having trouble reaching goals, financial or otherwise, check out this tool you can use yourself or join a group session or schedule an individual session. It's super easy to learn to rewire your brain!


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