Do It Ugly
DO IT UGLY - sometimes life throws you a monkey wrench. It doesn't need to be perfect. It doesn't need to be pretty. Here's my story behind this post... Do you have a "do it ugly" story to share? Share in the comments!

Last week life threw me a monkey wrench and my body doesn't always cooperate with all the goodness I pour into it. That's ok. My skin was a mess and I felt sooo tired. There was something I had committed to doing and it took everything in me to be able to do it. I napped, I poured extra love and nourishment into my body. I did the thing. Honestly to me I looked a mess BUT I did it and came away filled with gratitude and overflowing with blessings. My heart was so full and I would have totally missed out if I had waited for better timing

Here's another graphic to think about...

Yes, yes you can. If it's not perfect - do it! If you're ugly crying - do it! You can do it!! These three pictures capture my message to you. This picture well illustrates yes, sometimes we hit an obstacle, we find ourselves in the figurative mud. Ankle deep, knee deep, hip deep - just KEEP GOING and you will get to the other side. There is always the other side! 

Triumph - that's what's on the other side. DO IT UGLY but keep going! Don't give up!

In the end you will come to the other side. Sooner or later. Sometimes the situation itself doesn't change but WE DO. When we change, surrender, adapt and come to a new mindset we can shift our entire world. We may look a mess on the other side, covered in all the stuff that happens along the way, but we can get to that other side. Does this resonate with you?

Share your "DO IT UGLY" story! Lift others up and inspire - you are resilient and strong. Never give up! Keep going! Do it UGLY until you get to the other side and you WILL
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