Get off the Emotional Roller Coaster

Watch this video to learn one key that can help you achieve emotional balance

From chaos to calm

From emotionally bankrupt to thriving

What I offer you...

Empowered Growth 🌱 become emotionally equipped to do all the things

πŸ‘‰ Do you feel like everyone else is in charge of your schedule except for you?
πŸ‘‰ Do you feel emotionally spent?

I empower people like you to achieve emotional balance, choose peace and live to your fullest potential as your authentic self using gentle boundaries

I hit my emotional stride in my fifties. Looking back, I wish I had someone in my 30’s and 40’s to come alongside me and share emotional insight. I wish I knew how a gentle soul could have simple boundaries. You must travel your own wellness journey, I can’t do that for you, but I can come alongside you and provide personalized suggestions for growth and healing. Let me be the person with the map who can point the way to your best emotionally balanced self

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ My name is Dee and I'm a Certified Aromatherapist and Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner. That means I'm trained to use aroma and essential oils to bring balance to your mind and body - I'm on a journey and invite you to come alongside and join me

If you struggle with emotional balance check out this quick 8 minute video for some quick tips that helped me

πŸ’› Read my full backstory  << this right here is why I'm so passionate to help you

 Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)
Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is the fastest, gentlest and easiest method to release negative thoughts, feelings and memories with essential oils
Introductory price $75 for 1 hour session

This is for you πŸ’›
Do you love the mini guided reset?

Do you wish you could have a guided mini reset anytime you need it? One you can do on the go, anywhere, anytime?
   I've got you covered!!
Many people ask me what oils I recommend - here's  the brand I use and why

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