What's the difference between an event and an experience? What do you think? Watch this quick video about what happened to me and my hubby Tony and add your comments below!

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This is a really good illustration of how our olfactory system is connected to the amygdala. I learned in aromatherapy certification school the amygdala is the part of our brain responsible for memories, emotions and stories we create on past experiences. This part of our brain rusn on autopilot and controls our responses and how experiences everyday life events. It's the survival part of the brain and if we rewire by mindfully directing change we change everything in our body and how we experience life. That's what doing the daily aroma reset does. This is why I recommend doing aroma reset as a daily practice not just pulling it out as a tool when we're activated in mobilizing fight / flight energy!

I rarely recommend outside sources beyond my book recommended reading. However,  the school I'm currently attending to continue my education and if you'd like to connect to The Nervous System School, they have great resources for free on their blog and Instagram.

(Video includes the five states of our nervous system)
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  1. Michelle Wardzala  10/06/2023 04:13 PM Central
    This is such good information! I like what you said about building nervous system resilience. “Doing so is so important because it will shape how we experience everyday events”
    I am finding that by doing the reset daily my nervous system is becoming more resilient. I am amazed!!!!
    Thank you! The snow ball effect is occurring.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  10/08/2023 06:43 PM Central
    I'm so very glad to hear and keep that snowball rolling! Investing in oneself and healing is so worth the effort!
  2. A great illustration, perfectly understandable .
    Thank you for that. Glad it became an explainable situation.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  10/08/2023 06:43 PM Central
    I'm so glad it landed with you!
  3. Love this description!
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  10/08/2023 06:43 PM Central
    Thank you so much!

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