Empowering Your Mindset: Tips for Cultivating Positive Change
Do you sometimes feel discouraged trying to eliminate some habit or feel frustrated you lack skill in a particular area? Do you struggle with how you feel about yourself? Here's a powerful concept to support and empower you:
Rather than trying to eliminate, suppress, or ignore negative emotions let them pass through you. Afterward, focus on cultivating positive traits that empower you and tip the scales to shift the balance in your favor.

Let me explain how "tipping the scales" works.
Step 1: Acknowledge Your Emotions. 
Our brain is trying to tell us something and it uses emotions to communicate. Stuffing it down won't make it go away no more than burying a seed hides it. Ignoring or suppressing them will not make them disappear. Instead, they will continue to grow and eventually manifest themselves in other ways.

Allow yourself to feel and understand your emotions. By giving them space, you can let them flow away like a leaf in a stream. 

Step 2: Pinpoint the Source of Your Emotion 
Using your Aroma Reset is an excellent way to gain a clear understanding of the root cause of your emotions. By fully engaging your mind, body, and emotions, this technique allows your nervous system to settle and navigate through the challenges you feel. Within just 60 seconds you unlock new thoughts and ideas about your situation.

Step 3: Put Your New Understanding into Action
 Now that you have a better grasp of the situation, it's time to take action. Identify your immediate next step – just one or two tiny things you can do to flow through your challenge with more ease.
Here's an example of how to boost your confidence: Do you feel like you lack knowledge in a specific area? Set aside some time to research and read up on the topic to gain a deeper understanding. If you want to develop a particular skill, think about what small actions you can take to learn that skill to the point where you feel confident and capable. Maybe watch a video about it and observe.

Offset any perceived deficiency to tip the scales the other way! 

A favorite quote of mine goes, "feed your faith and doubt will starve," and the same principle applies here. Focus on and amplify the positive so much that there is no space for the negative!

Framing Goals Effectively

During a Level UP or AFT session, it's common for someone to express a goal like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to stop feeling bad about myself." My next question is "what DO you want?" Focusing on our true desires makes it easier to let go of what we don't want. For example, instead of "losing weight," a more effective goal would be "feeling light and energized." Similarly, instead of "stop feeling bad," try "feel confident in myself."

Mindset Power Tip

Shift your focus to the desired and positive and pursue it. That's more productive than trying to eliminate something and leaving an empty space. Pursuing positive goals will bring good things into your life leaving no room for undesirable things. With this approach, you'll find that the positive naturally crowds out the negative until it fades away entirely.

We don’t need to work at eliminating anything, we just cultivate the good thing we desire.

Does that make sense? I’d love your thoughts on this!

Strength from Inside Yourself

If you struggle with fear of what others think, say, or feel about your growth, consider building your conviction, inner strength, and belief principles. My Calm Your Inner Critic course is designed to improve your self-confidence and help you move forward. The course focuses on minimizing the impact of your inner critic and reducing self-judgment. By the end of the course, you will come out much stronger than you ever thought possible!
Small Changes Can Lead to Big Improvements

It's amazing how one small change can begin a flow of positive changes. For example, removing a little debris from a stream can lead to a more powerful water flow. As the water begins to flow naturally, it removes more debris on its own.

Other times, offering ourselves gentle grace and acceptance coupled with one tiny step forward has amazing results.
Here's an example: Whenever I feel frustrated, I take a break from the task, offer myself grace, do an Aroma Reset, and see what new insights or clarity surface. Sometimes my new understanding is that a short break would be best. Why not give it a go the next time you face a challenge and observe the changes it brings? Our sense of smell has a unique way of influencing our emotions, so a shift in your mood is guaranteed.

You’re human, and it’s okay. Really. Try some of these suggestions to take just one step toward offsetting any perceived deficiency instead of trying to fight it. I'd love to hear back how it turns out for you!

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  1. I love the visual of allowing the positive to flow in and fill us up, so there’s little to no room for the negative. Beautiful!
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  09/22/2022 06:27 PM Central
    Thank you for your comment and I'm so very glad it is helpful!

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