If you have ever used the phrase "but others don't respect my boundaries" you're not defining boundaries. Most everything I've read about boundaries misses some key ingredients. With my method, your boundaries are ALWAYS 100% within your control. It's impossible for others not to respect your boundaries when you have gentle boundaries with grace and ease. Take my course to learn four simple steps. 

I struggled so hard to have boundaries true to my gentle nature. If you struggle or boundaries seem scary, confrontational or people just don't respect your boundaries when you do try, let me light your path and show you how to have gentle boundaries that stick! 

In my Gentle Boundaries course I show you how to build boundaries that convey gentle strength and kindness PLUS improve relationships. Together we'll walk through four easy steps that make gentle boundaries simple and easy!

My boundaries story

I was a corporate professional and knew my stuff. They called me the diplomat for how I handled and navigated the stickiest situations and issues. I brought teams together, smoothed over conflict and won over the most demanding customers. They gave me the riskiest projects, with multiple projects running simultaneously, each with huge budgets and diverse teams. Yet with all that, I crumbled when it came to certain relationships.

Maybe you know about boundaries but wondering how to do them. Perhaps you can do them in some relationships and not others like me? If attempting boundaries feels hostile, if they are inconsistent, or even nonexistent when it matters, oh, how I relate

This course will make your gentle boundaries unwavering, impervious, solid, and powerful. Implementing them will feel kind, graceful, and honest.

I tried and tried with boundaries. Until I did the things I teach in this course, that's all I did -- try... over and over... and failed to make them stick, wishy-washy boundaries, lines in the sand, not in concrete. Then I hit a wall, big time crashed, and had no choice but to find a way. These easy steps will give your boundaries sticking power and give you the backbone of steel you need to do boundaries with gentle kindness. I share that way with you in this course.

This is a class I've done often as a live workshop that helped so many people, so I made it into a self-paced course you can watch over and over.

Learn more about my Gentle Boundaries course:

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