Your Healing MUST Outpace the Incoming and Ongoing Damage
Many women who connect with me feel weighed down and find it challenging to keep up with current responsibilities. Do you sometimes feel that way? It can feel like we're carrying a heavy backpack and trying to keep up the pace. Here's what helped me unload some of the heaviness in my figurative backpack:

For humans to heal we must accelerate healing while minimizing incoming or ongoing damage. Those two things must happen at the same time.
This is true of our physical health. For example, if we injure a muscle, we apply ice and heat to encourage blood flow and healing while reducing movement of the injured muscle / further injury.
Emotional and mental healing works the same way.


Previous Injury and Burden

We have existing damage from past experience. Our brain creates stories and conclusions about ourselves and the world based on experience. For example, experiences in school might cause us to come to conclusions about ourselves. Our brain then looks for reinforcement of its conclusions. Over and over again, that story is validated throughout our life.
That process is not a defect. We were designed for efficiency. The problem is that our experiences are not always ideal, and our conclusions and stories are flawed.
That story becomes our inner critic. It’s an unkind and harsh voice. It’s a bully we carry inside. It hurts to hear that relentless voice, so we bury our emotions to stay safe.
Other life experiences might feel traumatic. These become bitter and painful memories.
This is all damage from past experience. You can heal.

Incoming Injury or Burden

We have incoming and ongoing life experiences that may be challenging. Our brain functions as designed, learning new things and drawing additional flawed conclusions.
We may have unhealthy and unhealed people in our life. These can only offer what they have – an unhealed and unhealthy way of interacting. It’s not about blame. This is about your healing.
Incoming damage also comes in the form of news and world events. We see family and friends dealing with sickness, pain and grief. We may witness accidents and local tragedies. This is called secondary trauma.


How to Get Ahead of It

If our healing outpaces the incoming and ongoing burdens, we empty our figurative backpack. Our overall load becomes lighter, we can accomplish more, reach goals and keep up the pace!

I guide your journey. The key is to heal damage from your past while minimizing incoming and ongoing damage. Here’s how to accelerate your healing while minimizing incoming damage:
  1. Your #1 tool is your daily Aroma Reset - it's free and you can begin right away.
  2. Take my Calm Your Inner Critic Course to turn your critic into a supportive voice. This will empower you to move forward in your healing journey.
  3. Minimize incoming damage with my Emotional Balance and Gentle Boundaries courses. You will learn how to balance, stay present and self-protect with kind gentleness.
  4. Clear out past damage using Aroma Freedom which is based on neuroscience and memory reconsolidation. Do this yourself using Dr. Perkus' guidebook or through a 1:1 session with a certified practitioner. Schedule a session with me and once you know how it's done you can continue on your own.

Aroma Freedom Technique

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a gentle step-by-step process to clear negative thoughts, emotions and memories that interfere with our sense of identity and our beliefs about ourselves. It is your #1 way to dissolve the stories created by past experiences that affect your present decisions and cause anxious feelings about your future. Daily Aroma Reset is your #1 way to get ahead because you clear out the incoming. Full sessions clear out the old stories and damage. 

Inner Critic

Our inner critic causes damage every day, all day. That damage comes from within but was created by stories about our experiences or other people’s stories we absorbed. Our inner critic is additional incoming damage we have control over eliminating. Learn how to turn your inner critic into a supportive and compassionate voice.

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance focuses on challenging emotions and difficult situations. Learn to notice your emotions at a lower level and the actions your emotions direct you to take. Knowing how to pay attention before your nervous system is in high gear at upper levels of fight/flight is essential to healing.

Gentle Boundaries

Once your emotions are balanced and calm, and your inner critic is your inner friend, you can begin to learn how to do boundaries. How I teach boundaries differs entirely from any method I’ve read about and researched. Gentle boundaries improve relationships. Learn to protect yourself while still showing love and compassion for others.

What I Recommend

Begin doing your Aroma Reset daily. Take some courses where I stay engaged and provide tools to empower your journey. Schedule Aroma Freedom sessions as needed.

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  1. Hello, I’m really appreciate the classes I have taken so far, people believe me when I say it works. When I meet Dee I was in a rough situation I felt like I wasn’t worthy of being alive at times. The aroma resets have helped me through my anxiety, depression, my discomfort. I always rely on Jehovah first but, getting through life is hard and sometimes I just don’t want to take pills all the time. This is the best thing that has happened for me. When I realized how bad I was and now how far I have progressed it’s amazing to me. I reset with my YL oils and I feel refreshed and I carry on. I thank you Dee for your help and I hope to attend more sessions. They are helping me through my struggles.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  01/31/2023 04:20 AM Central
    Thank you so very much for your kind expressions! What an empowered journey you are experiencing!! I'm so very happy for you and that daily aroma reset is essential ❤️

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