Connect, Heal and Feel with Jennifer and James
Recently I had an opportunity to chat with my friend Jennifer and her fellow author James. We talked about how stored trauma affects our present emotional experiences. 

We think our memories are about the past. However, our brain and nervous system use this information to evaluate and assess our present. Those memories also influence our current beliefs and ideas, plus form our thoughts about future outcomes and possibilities / limits

Those memories are at the core of our being because it's the data our brain has to work with to make those assessments and draw conclusions. 

Watch the Interview

They're both on Instagram (IG) where they each talk about the human emotional experience. As we all know, emotions are often messy, uncomfortable, and overwhelming! Trauma is always big and scary. Events we may dismiss as ordinary can affect each of us in very different ways. Finding resources to help us through our individual experiences can be equally challenging. 

Jennifer wrote: Check out the first clip from a new collaborative project: Connecting Feeling Healing! 🤍🖤❤️‍🩹 James @allwethinkwecreate and I interviewed Aromatherapist and AFT Practitioner Dee @lemons.n.sage on the subject "How stored trauma impacts our present experience"

Connect with Jennifer and James

Find Jennifer on IG: @jenniferlaurenparker
Find James on IG: @allwethinkwecreate
Here's their Patreon space for learning: Connecting Feeling Healing

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  1. Brenda Stoffels  04/15/2023 07:22 AM Central
    Thank you for sharing this interview! It was inspiring and thought provoking. Just the kind of thing I needed to hear.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  04/15/2023 07:40 AM Central
    Thanks so much for letting me know! I’m so glad it was supportive and resonates with you!

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