What does it mean when people say who do you think you are?
“Who do you think you are?” Did you ever hear those words? Maybe from a teacher, schoolmate or workmate? Those words falling on tender ears can crush one’s heart, stagnate one’s  drive and halt one's creativity. What does it mean when people say who do you think you are?

Have you ever said those words to yourself as some form of negative self judgment? Do you sometimes hear yourself telling yourself “who do you think you are”? Have you heard those words in your own figurative ear and in your own voice?

Who put those words there doesn’t matter. What matters is that we notice those words running in our subconscious and we challenge that judgment. Bring those negative judgments to court, put them on trial and challenge their validity.

I heard those words in my voice recently when I was setting a personal goal. It was a simple goal. “I prioritize and focus with ease“ and it sounds really simple, right? So why is it such a challenge for me sometimes? Why do I keep telling myself I have squirrel brain? We are, after all, exactly who we tell ourselves to be.

Children are born dreaming big dreams - think about the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" What was your dream? When people say or convey the message "who do you think you are?" it's generally because you're daring to dream big. You may be inspired beyond what seems possible. You may do, say or aspire to something seemingly bigger than yourself. You're exceeding the limits others have placed on you in their own minds. Read that again and let it sink in a bit.

It's ok - that's their stuff. Others may be attached to an old version of you. They don't yet see the amazing potential and growth that you envision for yourself. You own your dream. No one else get's to dream your dream. Fulfilling your dream, living your purpose, stepping into something bigger than yourself - that's between you and God. We have power beyond human thinking and limitations.

Children are born free to dream. Children ages 0-6   spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycle. That's why the mind of a child easily takes on beliefs about him or her self and life. Many of these beliefs remain unconscious throughout the rest of our life, showing up in our behavior, achievements,  goals and beliefs about ourself.

Through just living life we accumulate random experiences. Our human brain attaches meaning and stories to those events, those memories. Our a brain also attaches emotions to those memories. Sometimes if those memories are particularly meaningful at the moment they happened the message gets buried in our subconscious.

All of these accumulated beliefs about self from childhood and life experiences then run like a computer virus in brain causing self sabotage. The brain then continues looking for more experiences to reinforce the negative and limiting message creating a vicious cycle.

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