Misplaced Emotions - when emotions don't match the situation
Do you experience crying spells for no apparent reason? Feelings of anger but you stuff it down and keep going. Panic attacks and nightmares? What’s happening and why? More importantly, how can you be free from that cycle?

Emotional Healing

Humans have four basic emotions - mad, sad, glad, and scared. We teach toddlers those four primary emotions to help them learn to name emotions and begin regulating their emotions.
All my life I was most familiar with one emotion – glad. That was the only emotion I was in touch with and I believed the other three were wrong to feel. I did my best to avoid them. As an adult, I judged them as sinful. Whenever mad, sad or scared arose I stuffed it down, suppressed it, ignored it, and plowed through every day of my life.
People perceived me as a very happy person, but inside I felt like a pressure cooker. Emotions spilled out at very inopportune times. Doctors told me if I didn’t learn how to express my emotions it would take a physical toll. It did, in a colossal way.
Over the past few years I learned and researched emotions and scripture. I focused my research using my Bible encyclopedia and other favorite research tools. Boy, what an eye-opener! What I learned is that all four of those emotions are gifts by design from my creator.
All four basic emotions and many others are there for our good. They serve us so beautifully. There is no reason to feel shame for feeling them. We are supposed to feel them. More than that, we need to listen to and honor them. Here’s why:
When we stuff our emotions down and suppress them, our body escalates the emotion because we’re not paying attention. Our body is trying to communicate to us through our emotions. It’s telling us we need to address an external situation. If ignored, stuffed down and plowed through without handling those situations, the body must escalate the emotion trying to get our attention. It has no choice. If we ignore our body’s desperate cries, our emotions explode, or we shut down. Sometimes emotions explode at an inconvenient time and often towards a person unrelated to the situation we left unaddressed.
If we wait until our emotions are at this high level, loss of control is very likely. At this point our emotions become problematic, and it’s because we ignored them.
Here was my key to balance and healing. It was the key that finally unlocked my path to emotional peace. I learned to tune in, back up and figure out what I was not addressing. I regained my physical health and gently honored all my emotions. I’ve made it my mission to share that with others who want to gently move from overwhelm to emotional peace.
When you’re ready to balance your emotions, begin healing and learn gentle boundaries check out my Level UP system. Choose self-paced, one-on-one or group support. Learn more here: Level UP with Dee
If you’re not ready for that, check out my mini-course to help you tune into what’s happening. I’m here to support your journey to emotional balance and empower you to heal.
The emotions list I created for the course focuses on the four basic emotions we teach toddlers so it is simple and gentle to learn. I teach you to gently feel your emotions at their lowest level when they have the greatest gift to offer you. Learning in a nurturing and empowering way is a delicate balance. I teach the way I supported myself to learn. I nurtured myself while empowering myself in my journey, so that’s how I share it with you. Learn more about the course here: Emotional Balance Mini Course

Bonus Videos 

The worksheet is now part of the mini-course and the complimentary video is in the blog footer below.
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  1. Patricia Aponte  05/13/2021 10:10 AM Central
    I didn’t see the link for the worksheet to tap into the 4 different emotions. Perhaps I missed it somehow.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  05/13/2021 11:16 AM Central
    Thank you for your question! It’s an option in addition to the video and you’ll see it once you access the video. Watch the video about emotions and scroll down to see the optional worksheet and tutorial that comes with the worksheet - it’s a new mini course that I offer!

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