Public Service Announcement - Know your oils and sources!
Read your labels - carefully! Be your own advocate and a savvy consumer!

Many essential oil companies claim their oils are "100% pure" but this is often untrue. There are no labeling regulations for essential oils. Companies can claim anything they want for marketing purposes.

The result is the widespread practice of essential oil adulteration and misleading labeling. 

Adulteration is cutting oils with less expensive oils, adding synthetic chemicals, or referring to 100% synthetic oils as essential oils. Chemicals and other additives are often odorless, so you can't depend on your nose to tell you if an oil is adulterated.

Examples and facts

🌿 As an example, you know a good quality maple syrup compared to "pancake syrup" that's just corn syrup, flavor and color. Essential oils are just like this, there are quality oils and there are imitation oils. Pure maple syrup provides nutrients for your body. Pancake syrup does not. 

🌿 Fragrance oils found in department stores are not essential oils. 

🌿 Fragrances in candles and scented lotions are not essential oils. 

🌿 The term "natural fragrance" means the synthesized chemical produced in a lab mimics one found in nature. There is nothing "natural" about them. 

🌿 There's a difference between produce fresh from a farmer's market or organic grocery vs discount stores. You will not find pure essential oils at a department or discount store. 

🌿 It has been estimated that up to 80% of essential oils are adulterated in some form. 

🌿 Some countries export more essential oils than they produce! That's because by the time they adulterate and add to the oils, they've increased the volume of the product. 

🌿 Some plants produce different essential oils with different chemical constituents based on their growing environment. Some examples are rosemary, thyme and basil. Depending on the selected species, other plants produce different oils, such as eucalyptus and cedarwood. 

What you can do

Be sure you receive a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) report for the specific batch of oils you purchase. This provides a breakdown of the components in individual oils. This chemical makeup determines the benefits and safety considerations of essential oils.

This process also identifies crude adulteration of the essential oil tested. 

Adulterated oils, perfume or fragrance oils do not offer therapeutic benefits. Additionally, they may cause problems such as allergies, headaches and chemical sensitivities.

Be a smart consumer - it's your body and you get to choose what you put into it. 

Questions to ask essential oil companies

  • Are your oils tested with GC/MS technology?
  • Do you test every batch of oil?
  • Can I have a copy of the GC/MS report for the batch I purchase?
  • Do you provide the year and season the oil was distilled?
  • Do you list the country of origin for the oil?
  • Can I have a list of your current oils that are organic?

Why it matters

Our skin is our largest organ. What we put on our skin soaks through the layers, into our capillaries and throughout our entire body. We could be doing everything possible to keep ourselves healthy, but if we slather toxins on our skin, we sabotage our efforts and compromise our health.

Why does all of this matter? Fragrance and adulterated oils cause endocrine disruption –– "increasing production of certain hormones; decreasing production of others; imitating hormones; turning one hormone into another; interfering with hormone signaling; telling cells to die prematurely; competing with essential nutrients; binding to essential hormones; accumulating in organs that produce hormones." The result is a mess of emotional, mental and physical health issues

I expect to pay more for fresh, organic, nonGMO food than conventional fresh, frozen or canned. The same is true of essential oils. I expect to read labels and have access to detailed, accurate information. The same is true for essential oils I purchase. 

It's your body, hormones, health and family at stake. Be a savvy consumer!

Here are the oils I recommend: 

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