Basic Soup Stock

Nearly all meals in our home start with these ingredients and here's a few tips you may not have read before... plus some time savers because I learned this from experience and from wanting to get meals on the table in under a half hour - that's right you read that correctly

There's nothing special or earth shattering about the ingredients themselves but what I do to them isn't something I've read before, just comes from years of experimenting. I'd come buzzing in the door with nothing in particular in mind most days except I knew what we had in the pantry and in the refrigerator was pretty standard stuff that would make me a meal, fill our belly with good eats, yummy goodness plus fuel our bodies with good nutrition

IF you're going to be having rice for dinner get that started first, it will be done by the time dinner is ready to serve. If you're having pasta start the pasta water. That right there is a huge time saver - start the longest cooking item first especially if it doesn't need much attention

Ingredients - all organic of course
  • spices: salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, basil, oregano
  • onions
  • garlic
  • carrots
  • celery

So here's the breakdown photos ... the time saver is putting the ingredients in this order so they cook correctly plus you prep the next ingredient while the one is cooking

First I always always always warm my spices, picture above. Start with at least a tablespoon of good olive oil in my great-grandma's cast iron pot. Warming your spices in oil releases the flavor especially in black pepper, herbs and Indian spices. At a minimum I always use salt and pepper. 

While that's warming and cooking...

Chop the onion, add to pot
Stir, cover, you might want to add about a tablespoon of water to help it steam and soften. 

While that's warming and cooking...

Chop the carrot, add to pot, check and see if you need a little more water. Sort. 

While that's warming and cooking...

Chop the celery and I include the dark leaves in the soup and save the lighter leaves and inside for salad. Add to pot, stir. 

While that's warming and cooking prepare what else is going in the soup. Usually I sort and pick through dried lentils (2 cups lentils and 4 cups water) if I have time for that to cook and throw in some frozen spinach. Combined with brown rice that's an amazing meal right there

If I have less time I just grab a can of beans and add some veggie stock or better than bullion with water

The key is cooking as you go while you're preparing and chopping the next layer of flavor

If I don't have enough fresh herbs and spices on hand I use essential oils (labeled for internal use) but add them at the end mixed with olive oil - come to my cooking with oils workshops to learn more or check the bonus here

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