The New Mid Podcast with Michelle Newman and Dee Castelli
Recently I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Michelle Newman and being a guest on her amazing podcast The New Mid. Her podcast is ranked #7 in "Top Ten Valuable Podcasts for Midlife Women"

How to Reset from Stress and Anxiety with Dee Castelli

Podcast summary by Michelle Newman 
There is so much stress and darkness in the world. You also might be struggling with past traumas. This week's guest Dee Castelli is a trauma-informed Certified Aromatherapist and Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner.

In this episode you will learn the power of your sense of smell. How it can help dissolve your past and present emotional pain.

What are the best sources of smells to use for the Aroma therapy Reset and Dee walks Michelle through a Reset during the interview.

You can learn more about Dee and get more in-depth of her practices of Aroma Freedom Technique and her Level UP personal coaching, courses and workshops.

About The New Mid Podcast

The first half of life is for learning. The second half of life is for living.

Ranked #7 in "The Top Ten Valuable Podcasts for Midlife Women." Michelle speaks with experts and celebrities for real-talk (mixed with humour) about daily mid-life struggles and success, as well as the big stuff-questions about meaning, fulfilment, and happiness. 

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  1. Michelle Wardzala  02/16/2023 05:48 PM Central
    I just listened to the podcast ad now have a much clearer understanding of the physiology of how our sense of smell creates a calm. Then that process helps us to dissolve the emotional attachments to that memory. Wow, Jehovah’s wisdom is amazing!
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  02/17/2023 03:07 PM Central
    Wow!! Thank you so very much Michelle for sharing your thoughts and taking time to comment on my post. I really appreciate it!

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