Why Affirmations Are So Powerful and how to create effective affirmations...
Why are affirmations so powerful? Because mindset is everything.
What do I mean by mindset? I think of a person’s mindset as their entire set of attitudes and beliefs. One’s mindset entirely influences how they move through life, the decisions they make, and their choices and habits. Mindset shapes a person’s relationships, finances, health, lifestyle, how they use their time, and what they choose for work. It affects their behaviors and actions.  Every moment of every day is influenced by our core beliefs, our mindset.
For me, mindset is related to whether someone has a positive or negative attitude, but it also goes far deeper, to the core of how one perceives everything that happens in their life. It’s our dominant mental attitude.
That said, what if, by default, we have a mindset that isn’t ideal? Can we choose to create a more positive mindset? Can we create the mindset we desire for ourselves?
Yes, and affirmations are one way we do that very thing. Affirmations reprogram our brain. They replace our default programming, our core beliefs passed on to us, with the attitudes and beliefs we choose. Affirmations change our thoughts, which, in turn, change our attitudes, beliefs, and patterns of thinking that then change our life. Affirmations create a ripple effect.

Creating Effective Affirmations

Affirmations are included in every Aroma Freedom session after we identify your goal and dissolve any memories or emotions that may be causing self-sabotage. We clear any negative thoughts and negative voices (our conditioned voice}. Once those are cleared, we can create an effective affirmation. The soil of your mind is prepped and ready for the new attitudes you choose to plant as your new core belief. This step is powerful and easy to do!
Doing affirmations with essential oils or other natural botanicals along with a power pose makes them even more effective. Let me know if you’d like more details on how to do this.
Affirmations are always formed in the present tense using positive words.
  • Examples are:
  • I am joyful
  • I choose only peace
  • I claim ___
  • I create ___
  • I enjoy ___
  • I radiate ___
✓ Affirmations reflect and declare that you already possess the thing desired.
✓ They are always positive and in the present tense.
✓ Say affirmations for about 2 minutes every morning and evening.
✓ Using oils, herbs, or spices with a power pose makes affirmations even more effective.
Whether in a small group session or a 1:1 session with me, we will create your most positive and effective affirmation statement. We’ll create your highest choice and goal, then after clearing any obstacles, we’ll form your new highest choice based on any new understandings, ways of thinking, or beliefs. Get your free Aroma Freedom 60-second Reset here so you can reset any situation as needed throughout your day.
Yes, we can choose our core beliefs. We can make new choices anytime we desire—we have that power.
We were created and designed to choose.

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Bonus Video from the Archives

Bonus - Sample Affirmations

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  1. Carolyn Walton-Smith  01/17/2022 05:39 PM Central
    Hi Dee, I am so glad that you shared this bonus video and some sample affirmations. I can now get my mind set on certain habits, goals, and how I words my thought in a positive manner. Thank you!
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  01/17/2022 05:43 PM Central
    Awesomeness!! Thanks for posting and I'm so glad it is helpful!

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