Is awareness scary for you?
Is awareness scary for you? It was for me. The fog cleared slowly and gently, but when it came it was still a challenge.

Can you name the discomfort that comes with your awareness? Is it fear, anger, sadness, or a blend of different levels of all three?

In my emotional balance course and the course guide I focus on this three because that’s the three emotions you begin teaching a toddler.

For me, feelings and emotion wheels were very confusing, and I was at a loss as to why. If your trauma starts at a very young age, emotional regulation, just isn’t there. We learn emotional regulation from the adults around us, but if they lack this themselves, they can’t offer it to us. Rest assured, though it can be learned.

Awareness is the first step and crucial to further growth. Without awareness, healing, and growth cannot happen.

Are you comfortable with naming the emotions that come with awareness? What arises for you as you think about it?

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