Empowering Morning Tips
Many say that the first 1-2 hours of your morning set the tone for the rest of the day. Have you found that to be true?
My morning routine involves some personal reading before I get out of bed because I never know what’s going to happen once my feet hit the floor! I take a few moments to focus my mind, read my daily text, and deep dive into some of the cited information and verses.
For many years I practiced this morning routine. But last year I discovered a particular method that actually matches what I’d been doing! I had never defined it so clearly or as intentionally—it was just my natural routine the first few hours of every morning. Here’s what I learned:
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod outlines the “SAVERS” morning routine.

SAVERS stands for:
Silence—This can mean prayer or just sitting quietly with your thoughts.

Affirmations—I do my affirmations with essential oils and a power pose based on my Aroma Freedom routine. 

Visualizations—This is powerful because our brain doesn’t know the difference between a real event and an imagined one. Visualizing a hopeful future, happy outcomes, and even paradise conditions can be immensely powerful.

Exercise—For me, this translates to “mindful movement,” because calling it exercise makes it sound like so much of a chore. Stretching helps me maintain flexibility, plus some isometrics help strengthen, and that’s a good mix for me. Others like to walk in nature. Just get moving!

Read—Make sure it’s something uplifting. I like to read some Scripture and do a bit of digging to see where it takes me and what I can learn. Others like to read self-help information or some positive, motivating poetry.

Scribe—Write down your intentions for the day or take notes on what you’re reading.


Empowered Writing Method

I also heard about the “BAG” method for writing.
To utilize this method, jot down your:
I like to use the “line a day” method in a simple notebook. Just write down on the left-hand side of the page the numbers 1 through 30 or 31—however many days there are in the month—then use just one line a day to note blessings.

Evening Routine

There is also an evening routine called “RESTERS.”
That stands for read, exercise, shower, tally blessings, empowering affirmations, relax, and sleep. Mindful movement and stretching before bed plus affirmations is definitely something I can say helps me.
How about you? Do you have any tips for a morning routine or an evening routine that helps empower your day?

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  1. I love this post, so many practical and helpful suggestions. I’ve been working on tweaking my daily routine. As it quite often never goes as scheduled due to my son and his health. So I have been wanting create a part of my day that has practical beneficial accomplishments ( you’d think after 18 years of chaos that I would have had it figured out by now, no not quite. A work in progress 🙂)
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  09/29/2022 05:01 PM Central
    Oh how I relate! We had a speaker once ask the question "imagine if every morning of every single day you had to think through and decide all the steps necessary to get out of bed, get ready and out the door" and I was like 😲 "you mean that's not how it's supposed to work?" This was TWO years ago and I setup a morning routine in my head outlining how to get ready each day. It's never to late my friend!!

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