Empowering Morning Tips
They say how you start your morning for the first hour or two sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have you found that to be true?

My morning routine involves some personal reading before I get out of bed because I never know what’s going to happen once my feet hit the floor! So I take a few moments to focus my mind, read my daily text and do some deep dive into some of the cited information and verses

There’s a particular method I discovered a few months back and realized it is something I have been doing for some years but didn’t have it quite defined so clearly and intentional, it was just my natural routine over the first few hours of opening my eyes every morning

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod outlines SAVERS for a nice morning routine. 
SAVERS stands for:

Silence - this can mean prayer or just sitting quietly with your thoughts

Affirmations - I do my affirmations with essential oils and a power pose based on my Aroma Freedom routine

Visualizations - this is so powerful because our brain does not know the difference between a real event and an imagined  event so visualizing a hopeful future, happy outcomes and even paradise conditions can be immensely powerful

Exercise  - for me this translates to mindful movement because calling it exercise makes it sound like so much of a chore. Stretching helps me maintain flexibility plus some isometrics to help strengthen - that's a good mix for me. Others like to walk in nature, just get moving!

Read - something uplifting - so for me I like to read some scripture and do a bit of digging to see where it takes me and what I learn. Others like to read self help info or some positive, motivating poetry

Scribe - write down intentions of the day or notes from what you’re reading

So that’s the gist of SAVERS and you can learn more using the link below

In our clubhouse room earlier this week we also talked about BAG method for writing 
Jot down your

I like to use the “line a day” method in a simple notebook. Just write down the left-hand side of the page the numbers one through 30 or 31 however many days there are to the month, then just one line a day to note blessings

We also talked about an evening routine called RESTERS
That stands for read, exercise, shower, tally blessings, empowering affirmations, relax, sleep. Mindful movement and stretching before bed plus affirmations is definitely something I can say helps me

How about you? Do you have any tips for a morning routine or an evening routine that helps empower your day?

Here's the Miracle Morning book if you want to check it out

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