The Inspirational Story of the Eagle and the Crow: Lessons on Overcoming Distractions
Not long ago I heard a story that I find incredibly inspirational. 

Have you heard the story of the eagle and the crow? It's a beautiful example that holds an important lesson for us all. 

Eagles are the largest bird of prey, so they're often the target of harassment from smaller birds. But the eagle doesn't let it bother them. Take a look at the photo below. See the crow?

The eagle's response? NOTHING Nada. Zip. Zero. They can't be bothered, they don't even see it as deserving their attention. THAT'S HUGE. 

The majestic eagle spreads its wings and soars higher and higher. The thinner air with its lack of oxygen poses a challenge for smaller birds to breathe. The other birds choose to descend to where the environment better suits their needs. 

This teaches me two valuable lessons and I'm eager to hear your thoughts as well! Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. Your insights are always appreciated.

Lesson 1 — That crow is like the critics, others' opinions, distractions of daily life, or anything else pecking at us. There are things nipping at our peace. They don't nourish our souls and are not worth our attention. DO NOT give them power, pay them no mind. We must not give power to distractions that try to bring us down. 

Lesson 2 — the eagle is busy soaring ever higher undistracted and keeps soaring until it is so high the much smaller bird can't hang on for lack of oxygen. It simply falls away. It chooses to leave. People and other things in our life can be that way. We can choose to soar higher, undistracted by the noise below us. We can focus on our own path and rise above any challenges that come our way.

The eagle gives away neither its time or energy, it doesn't give away its peace, its focus or attention. It soars higher, undistracted.

So I invite you to soar ever higher with the focus of an eagle, focus with laser sharp vision on your goal of soaring with empowered growth from the inside until your peace from within is truly untouchable. 

The eagle teaches us that we should never let obstacles hold us back. Keep things in perspective. It's a powerful reminder that we too can choose to rise above the distractions and negativity in our lives.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me. 

I believe every individual has the potential to feel free and at peace in greater measure. That's why I'm excited to invite you to our upcoming masterclass, where we'll be diving deep into calming our inner critic and providing personalized interaction to help you. You'll have the opportunity to learn, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights that will help you on your healing journey. Together, we'll explore ways to nurture ourselves and rise above the noise. Let's soar to new heights and live our best lives.

Join us for our June masterclass and let's unlock our full potential together! 

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  1. Margaret Schneider  06/16/2023 07:54 AM Central
    "The eagle gives away neither its time or energy, it doesn't give away its peace, its focus or attention. It soars higher, undistracted."

    Dee, I REALLY needed to hear this. I feel so conflicted [ Guilt, Shame, Anger, etc.] when I have goals but someone or something is wanting something from me that takes me away from my goal. I am looking forward to your workshop on "Calming Your Inner Critic".
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  06/17/2023 06:38 AM Central
    Thank you for your beautiful comment ❤️ and I’m glad what I shared resonates with you! More goodness to come the rest of the month in the workshop.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  07/25/2023 05:30 PM Central
    Isn't it amazing how things land for us just when needed? I'm so very glad. That workshop is so good and also available as a mini course anytime.

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