Motivation vs Enthusiasm
Question for you today - how do you do a thing you know you want to do but not in the mood to do? What small mindset adjustment might help?

Here's what helped me at one of my low points

Generally I used to think of motivation or being motivated as being excited to do something. Then I got to thinking "What is motivation really?" So I did some digging and formulated this concept to help me overcome some challenges

Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way

Notice that definition - it's a process of the mind, a thought, a decision, it has nothing to do with emotions

So then, applying this to physical activity, if I (without much excitement) drag myself to bike, hike or other type of movement, I have been motivated ->> I made a decision to get off the couch and get out there and live life. I don't need to be enthused or excited about it. I made a decision with my mind and did the thing therefore I was motivated

Enthusiasm, on the other hand is "intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval" it's an emotion. You do not need to be enthused or excited to be motivated <<read that again!!

Motivation is a process that begins and ends in the mind. Enthusiasm is an emotion. Do not confuse the two

That, my friends, is how to motivate yourself. You decide and thing and drag your butt to do the thing. Trust me you'll generally feel better for doing it

If you find it hard to muster up the feeling, then maybe you can find the strength to run the thought process, to be motivated even if you're not enthused?

My first boundaries were things I knew I needed to do, I decided to do them, I wasn't happy about doing them, taking care of me. My body wasn't giving me a choice though, it was breaking, fatigue, pain and stress were engrained within all the fibers of my being. I had to learn and set some gentle but strong boundaries because it was taking a physical toll

If you find yourself there or can see where this is heading, please consider doing the things you know within your soul you need to do to manage your life, bring balance and alignment back to your soul

Mentally decide to take this journey, learn gentle boundaries and live your authentic life

Here's a quick video on this topic

First half of the video is a boundary illustration / visual from my workshop
Second half on the motivation vs enthusiasm concept

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