Weeds of toxic thoughts, emotions and people
Do you feel free in your thoughts? Is setting and reaching goals easy? Or do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and unable to think? Are you distracted and unable to focus?
You may have heard the poem, “Your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.” I have a pallet painting from a local shop with that quote. It’s one of my favorite quotes I've lived by all my life.
The more I think about it, and over time, my understanding of this becomes more profound and more meaningful to me personally.

What it feels like

Sometimes our thoughts, emotions and the people in our life can be like flowers. As a result, we thrive and flourish, our lives are beautiful, and we feel lifted by our thoughts, emotions and the people we choose as close associates.
If we’re not mindful and intentional, our thoughts, emotions and people may be like weeds. Weeds choke the life out of the plant. They wind themselves around the plant's roots, suffocating and smothering the root system. We may feel overwhelmed and stuck. We find it impossible to set and reach goals.
Weeds also rob the plant of needed nutrients and water. They take what they can of nutrients in the dirt around the plant and consume all the water before the plant can get any for itself. Does that sound similar to how our thoughts, emotions and people can sometimes be?

My experience prompted deeper thought

One day in my garden, I saw one of our shrubs was not thriving. I noticed some small weeds around the base of the plant. Over the last growing season, we had weeded around the plant, so the weeds were a little small. That’s the thing about weeds. They don’t have to be very large to inhibit and stunt the plant.
Seemingly small thoughts and emotions can inhibit our growth. Some of those thoughts and emotions are around past experiences or things people said that grow like weeds over time.
As I looked more closely, I noticed that the weeds, although small, had tangled around the base of the plant. As I pulled back the landscape cover, I saw the roots of the weeds had become quite bulky. It took some digging to get as much of the weed out. It had wrapped itself around and through the base of the shrub.
Sometimes the emotions, thoughts and people are not so obvious. We gloss over and pay it no mind, but they are there like little weeds.
Although there was landscape cover to inhibit the weed growth, the weeds still managed to hide underneath the landscape cover and grow enough to choke out the plant. Sometimes we need to pull back the covers and take a good look.

The thing about weeds

It took some doing after I pulled back the cloth and started to dig gently. Weeds grow back if you don’t get as much of the weed's root as possible. I poked and gently pulled so as not to damage the healthy roots of the plant while removing the weeds.
Getting to the root of those thoughts and emotions is gentle with aroma freedom. When we connect our thoughts and emotions and where our body feels their effects, we use our sense of smell to create gentle movement. On the other side of that comes new thoughts and emotions. We reset. Our nervous system settles. We understand with further clarity.

What's in your garden?

So what is in your garden? What thoughts, emotions or people are like weeds? What do you need to do to flourish? What is one small, tiny positive step you can take today to move towards pulling some weeds?

Power Tip: if you plant more flowers, they crowd out the weeds! There is less room for weeds :) 

What to do

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  1. What a fantastic illustration. Yes, as I weigh what you have said with my thoughts. I have some weeds. Time to garden.
    Dee Castelli AUTHOR  03/11/2023 03:09 AM Central
    I’m so glad it resonates and I too keep up with those weeds. They’re pesky little buggers that tend to return easily!
  2. Such a beautiful illustration and life lesson!

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