Life Lessons from the Trail - our internal terrain
This week we continue life lessons from the trail. Last week we talked about our external terrain and how our world sometimes shifts so we adjust and keep going.

This week We’re talking about our internal terrain. Similar to our external terrain our internal world can shift in small and large ways. Sometimes quite unexpectedly.

So some days on the trail, I can do 2.6 miles with no problem. I chug along at a normal pace, able to finish in under an hour. We climb over rocks and up hills. We cruise over the smooth parts where the trail is more maintained.

On other days I crawl along at a snail's pace. I may be tired physically, mentally, or emotionally. I may not even know why I’m just not up to moving at the normal pace. There could be so many reasons, but this much I’ve learned: Whether we’re talking about a trail or we're talking about life, sometimes internally, our world shifts. There’s no point sometimes in examining or trying to figure it out. It just is what it is.

You're not broken

By all means, check to see if there’s a medical concern to address. I’m not advocating self-neglect. Quite the opposite. Tune in and if there are obvious reasons, such as not getting a good night's sleep, then I know why I’m not going at my normal pace. I accept that and move along, honoring my body where it’s at and moving forward at whatever pace it wishes.

Other times I don’t know why. There is no exact cause. My feet might feel heavy and my legs may feel wobbly. Whatever. I’m just going at a slower pace. It’s not that I didn’t want to take the hike at all. Emotionally and mentally I’m in a better place in nature. I definitely desire to be in nature, but just not up to physically going at the same pace.

Some days I can’t even drag myself to the woods. Or I might drive there and just sit, sit on a rock, observe my surroundings and breathe the fresh air. 

Rest assured, wherever you are physically is simply an indicator of where you are mentally and emotionally.

What's happening

sual excerpt from my Emotional Balance workshop
This is a visual excerpt from my Emotional Balance workshop. Understanding our mind, body, emotion connection is fundamental to our emotional, mental and physical health. What is happening in one of the three areas will affect the other two. That applies to for the better and for the worse. If we feel low physically our emotions and mind are influenced. Conversely, improving one will improve the other two. It is like a 3 legged bench. 

This is WHY aroma reset works. Our brain cannot set aside our sense of smell. The steps outlined in the aroma reset make our mind / body / emotion connection. Our nervous system, which controls all three areas, then creates a shift in all three areas because we are intricately connected. 

Honor your body and reset

Do you know what? It’s totally OK. I may not be moving along at the normal or expected pace. It may not even be the pace I wish to be moving at. I may desire to be moving quickly but my feet just aren’t doing it. It’s OK to just honor your body where it’s at, thankful to be alive. Just keep breathing and poke along at whatever pace your body wishes. Some days what shows up is a bunny and I zip through the woods. Other days I show up like a snail and I just plug along one foot in front of the other. It’s ok either way. We get to the end of the trail and get on with the day. Life is that same way - just keep going!

So the point is wherever you are physically, mentally or emotionally, honor that place. There’s no shame in it at all. You’re still breathing and you’re still moving. Even if that moving is resting on the couch and the only thing moving is your lungs and your heart is still pumping. You’re still here and that’s huge. Honor your body, keep breathing. Tomorrow is another day. It may be the same, it may be better, it may be worse. It’s ok we’ll see when we get there. I’m the meantime keep going. Keep doing it. Even if you’re doing it ugly, keep doing it.

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