You Are Not Broken
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, numb or depleted? Do you experience deep sadness or grief? Is feeling anxious, panicked, or worried part of your daily life? Maybe you feel even deeply suppressed resentment at times? Have you ever felt withdrawn, isolated, or just not in the mood to be with anyone? Maybe it’s not a “sometimes” feeling, but one you’re feeling more often than you’d like.
Feelings like this are not as uncommon as you might think. And you’re not broken because of them. We are designed with an amazing system that’s custom-built to help us survive.
In those moments, though, it can feel like we’re so very broken; like there’s something wrong with us. It’s also unsettling to be stuck in those emotions and feelings for extended periods of time. Check out the video and chart below. I wish I’d known this years ago.

Have you struggled with these physical issues?

Do you have digestive issues, shallow breathing, immune issues? Do you feel like you have a high tolerance for physical pain? Maybe you often feel sluggish or chronically tired despite sleeping long hours?
That was my “normal” for most of my life—from age eight until pretty recently in my 40s—and how sad is that? It doesn’t need to be that way for you. I wish I’d known sooner what I know now. Watch the video and get the chart to review.

Constantly on the go?

Maybe you feel high-strung and stuck in constant “busyness”—running here and there, always doing, never a break in the day. Do you find yourself doing for others until you’re exhausted and still feel like you’re not enough? Constantly fidgety and restless? Unable to sit in the quietness of your own thoughts? Workaholic tendencies? On a hamster wheel?
I know what that feels like, too, and I lived like that for some years along with insomnia that was resistant to medications. Learn more in the 7-minute video and chart.

I get it...

When we struggle with these feelings and emotions, we begin to feel like we’re broken and that it’s not likely to change. We often accept feeling stuck and just keep pushing through, surviving day to day. What’s wrong? What’s happening?
Nothing is wrong. They’re simply a result of our amazing nervous system—which is designed to keep us alive and safe—doing its job.
In the past, I would’ve never admitted to anyone how helpless and trapped I felt. I saw myself as capable and strong because I am a survivor and a fighter. My faith and my hope were rock-solid, but inside I was still crumbling. My survival tools kept me going day to day, but I still didn’t feel free or at peace. Calmness and strength were there, but not to the extent I thought it should be for all the effort I was pouring into personal study and physical wellness.
If you can relate to any of this, check out this little excerpt I recorded to share what I wish I’d known about sooner.

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