Facial Mask DIY Ideas

Recipe ideas for a quick facial mask to refresh skin. Some friends and I did a virtual spa party via video chat ❣️ lemme know if you'd like to do this too!

So quick little collection of ideas from the pantry... See what you can put together based on food you have on hand and what you can spare. Make it fun and don't worry about the perfect face mask or if you're doing this "right" because there is no right. This is for fun. 😊

First pour your beverage of choice ;) then work on gathering your mask ingredients if you're making one. If you're not making a mask and just joining us to hang out, cool, relax and we'll be online in a bit. 

For your mask we're looking for the consistency of pudding or thicker, spreadable, not dry but not too goopy unless you have pets that will eat what flavor to the floor. Just mix little bits at a time by the teaspoon or tablespoon.

Most people have oatmeal on hand but if you don't then skip it and make your concoction using some ideas below. If you are using oats as the base do some prep of the oats and mix with hot water as outlined below. Take another sip of your beverage first 😉

Oatmeal - some ideas:
Quick oats, oat bran or ground oats work best. You can whirl up oats in some sort of chopping device if you want like a blender, electric coffee grinder, food processor, mini chopper. Personally I like to use hubby's electric coffee grinder but that'll be our secret, k?

Here's some ideas (I like to begin with hot liquid):
  1. Mix 1TB oats with 1TB hot herbal tea, leftover coffee, or hot water
Gather up scraps and stuff while that cools... whatever you can spare and whatever appeals to you, we can mix it up on the zoom call so gather up some stuff and join the call...

Here's some ideas for face mask ingredients:
  1. Fruits tend to have antioxidants, microelements, vitamins and minerals while gently exfoliating and brightening:
    • banana - mash a 1"' to 2" piece 
      • some people even rub the inside of banana skin on their face - check this out - but I digress
    • grapes (super antioxidant, microelements and skin brightening)
    • orange or lemon juice (astringent properties)
    • pineapple - mashed up (more enzymes)
  2. Other ingredients provide moisture:
    • coconut oil 1-2 tsp (moisturizing)
    • olive oil (moisturizing)
    • cucumber 
    • avocado (moisture)
  3. Masks in general tend to exfoliate but if you need a bit more than usual try adding:
    • yogurt or milk (lactic acid to lift dead skin cells)
    • brown sugar - 1 tsp (exfoliating)
    • leftover coffee grinds (exfoliating)
  4. Healing, soothing and calming ingredients: 
    • aloe vera gel (I have a plant and going to throw some of the pulp into my mask)
    • honey or agave (healing and adds a sticky consistency)
  5. Spice it up with a sprinkle or drop of:
    • cinnamon
    • nutmeg
    • lavender essential oil
    • lemon juice
    • cocoa powder
    • turmeric powder
If you don't have oatmeal try these combinations or go ahead and try these combos with oatmeal:
  • brown sugar with coconut oil
  • avocado with cocoa powder
  • avocado with yogurt and honey or agave
  • avocado cucumber cooling mask
  • banana with orange juice and honey or agave
  • honey with nutmeg and milk
    • just mix little bits at a time by the teaspoon or tablespoon

More mask ideas, resources and information for you 💖

Grapes and Turmeric

Share your thoughts and comments below ▼ I love hearing from you ❤️

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