How Your Emotions Affect Your Health
Do you experience random aches and pains? Are gut issues an ongoing problem for you? Both were true for me as far back as my preteen years. That’s a long time! Do you know what I found out that made a big difference for me? We are, as humans, interconnected parts. They ALL must be well for the whole being to be well and feel well.
Is the mind / body / emotion connection real? What do you think? How does knowing the answer empower you to support your overall wellness and health? 

Other's experience

During my goals workshops, an exciting thing happened as we explored our sense of smell to gain clarity about our goals. Some participants noticed that as they mentally tweaked their goals and tuned into emotions connected to their obstacles, they observed emotions “sitting” in different places in their bodies. Yes! Their bodies experienced movement and letting go of tension! Isn’t that remarkable?
Have you ever felt stress in your gut or had a “gut reaction” to something? Have you ever said “I’ve got cold feet” about an upcoming event? Here’s another one: “that sends chills down my spine”? Maybe you’ve felt heartbroken?

How this helps you

Our mind, body and emotions are intricately connected. So how does this information empower you?
It affects our physical health when we stuff down our emotions and plow through life rather than tuning into what our body and mind are trying to tell us through those emotions.
This was my personal experience. For years, medical doctors and other practitioners warned if I did not process and feel my emotions, it would affect my health. Eventually, that’s precisely what happened. I landed in the hospital from an accumulation of events, forced to face my situation. During recovery, I had time to think. What happened during those following years is why I’m moved to share the way I do.
In my situation, I had no choice but to tune in to the emotions and observe what was happening. I recommend you begin to explore this before you reach that point.

How it works

When we pay attention to our emotions at their lowest level, there is no need for our body and mind to escalate our emotions to get our attention. There is an external situation or internal dialogue our mind and body require us to address. Yes, it’s that simple.
We take in information via our five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and our nervous system communicates back to us in the same way. That’s significant. Join us for my upcoming workshop on emotions, or take my mini-course to learn how to use that fact to empower you!
It's clear to me that we were designed this way as this proverb says:
"A calm heart gives life* to the body" (*ftn=health) Proverbs 14:30
It was right there in front of me for most of my life...

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Bonus Video from the Archives

Here's the study I reference in the bonus video

PubMed is a reliable medical research site I used for my anatomy and physiology education and continue to use as reliable reference

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