Life Lessons from the Raspberry Patch
Raspberry season is near and branches are sprouting their spring growth. Here's some of my musings and deep thoughts from the garden for you to ponder

One day a few years ago picking raspberries I wish I had a notebook! It was a beautiful sunny day and I was out early picking the plumpest fruits.

Here's some random thoughts in no particular order as I recalled and wrote when I came inside with my little berry harvest

Feel free to comment and add your own random thoughts!

πŸ‡Some raspberries up top and on the outside of the bush were picked by birds. They were away from the others, no support and openly exposed. For me this called to mind choosing to stay close to my God and in the middle of supportive people (in the thick of things) and not on the edges lest we get picked by "birds" pecking at us

πŸ“ The ones on the outside were also dried by the sun - the sun can nourish but it can also scorch - if we're on the edges with no support life will scorch us rather than nourish us, find nurturing people that can empower us when life throws "fire" our way

πŸ’ The older branches had smaller, drier fruit to offer but they offered fruit. The young branches offered the plumpest and bigger fruits. Serve in youth when we can offer our plumpest offering BUT never feel as if we have nothing to offer. You have a unique story to share and it's message needs to be told - share freely

🫐 Some branches have died, offer no nourishment and drain the life out of the plant if left in place so need to be pruned - 'nuf said. Prune whatever needs to be set free that is holding you back, depleting you of needed nutrients

πŸ‡ Some of the very best fruits were hidden under the leaves of the branch, in the shade - seek refuge in comforting shade of God's love and loving, nurturing people who empower growth

πŸ“ Some of the fruit was down low, in the weeds and on a shoot that was crawling along the ground - sometimes we feel like we're in the weeds or crawling along but we offer fruit and praise just the same as the branches standing tall and highly visible

πŸ’ There were a few times I thought I'd picked a branch clean, but if I bent down low, tipped my head down and looked up there was an abundance hiding. Sometimes we need to really look for good qualities in others but they are there if we intentionally look for them!

My final thought is to mindfully know how to fill your own cup and hopefully these few lessons from the raspberry patch spark some ideas of choices you can make

Here's some resources for you to fill your own cup

Most of them are free and you can take as many of them as you like. They're off the website main menu under courses. Enjoy a full cup πŸ’›

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