Top 3 Courses
These are my top courses to get you a quick win right away. My courses focus on quick, clear, actionable things you can do immediately. My guides and short videos effectively focus your time and energy so you can make significant changes with ease.
Calm Your Inner Critic
in 4 easy steps
Clear away negative self-talk, shame, guilt and rumination. Turn your inner critic into a supportive and empowering inner friend!

For years I struggled with negative self-talk and spinning internal dialog. Instead of being my own best friend, I was a big bully to myself. It took me years for my inner voice to turn from critical to compassionate, to protect and stand up for myself with ease. Learn how to let go of shame, guilt and rumination, staying grounded and confident. Let your inner voice be reassuring and upbuilding.

Here's what you receive with your course:

  • Calm Your Inner Critic Course Guide
  • Calm Your Inner Critic Journal
  • You'll learn 4 steps to calm your inner critic
  • Tools and techniques to support a loving inner voice
  • How to let go of the old stories and rewrite the script
  • You'll learn easy ways to:
    • Let go of guilt, shame, resentment
    • Stay grounded, present and centered
    • Stop absorbing and ruminating
  • So you can have a healthy and supportive inner dialog

Emotional Healing and Balance
from chaos to calm in three easy steps 

Move from a turbulent, churning ocean of emotion to a serene and calm lake that flows out as a gentle stream. If you feel emotionally spent, worn out and keep plowing through anyway because giving to others is the right thing to do then this is for you. My lifelong gut issues, sleep issues and joint pain all subsided understanding the three simple things I share in this mini course.

Here's what you receive with your course:

  • Learn how to easily feel and simply articulate emotions
  • Express your emotions calmly instead of stuffing them down
  • Feel genuinely peaceful and calm
  • Have emotions that are steady and calm rather than waves
  • Own your emotions without letting them explode or having to suppress them
  • Understand the difference between an emotion and a feeling
  • Learn about levels of emotions so you can become aware of them at their lowest levels
  • Understand the messages of your emotions so you can respond appropriately with calm peace
  • Three lessons plus TWO bonus lessons

Gentle Boundaries
from trapped to free with grace and ease

If you have ever used the phrase "but others don't respect my boundaries" you're not defining boundaries. Most everything I've read about boundaries misses some key ingredients. With my method, your boundaries are ALWAYS 100% within your control. It's impossible for others not to respect your boundaries when you have gentle boundaries with grace and ease. Establish and maintain good, healthy boundaries that convey gentle strength and kindness that improve relationships with these 4 steps that make boundaries simple and easy!

Here's what you receive with your course:

  • Introduction module to basic concepts - 3 lessons that build your foundation
  • Module one has 4 lessons designed to help you build your own gentle boundaries
  • Printable Guide to step you though each lesson plus space for notes
  • Bonus module about communication
  • Videos - for each of the lessons
  • Written content for each lesson
  • Space in your guidebook to develop and create your own gentle boundaries custom for you
  • Message and consult with me throughout your course for ongoing support

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Psalm 150
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