Top Courses
Here's my top 3 courses to get you a quick win right away. Courses are designed for you to focus on quick, clear actionable things you can do right away. There are guides and short videos designed to make effective use of your time, focus your energy and make meaningful changes with ease.
Emotional Balance
from chaos to calm in three easy steps 

How would your life look if you could:
  • Get off the emotional rollercoaster
  • Feel your emotions in a balanced, peaceful and calm way
  • Honor your emotions and invite ease into your life
In place of a turbulent, churning ocean of emotion, create a serene and calm lake that flows out into gentle streams
Gentle Boundaries
from trapped to free with grace and ease
Do you struggle with boundaries? Is the word boundary scary? Does it sound confrontational or difficult? Have you tried and just can't make boundaries stick? People don't respect your boundaries? 

If you think you can't do boundaries, think again!

With the right tools, anyone  can establish and maintain good, healthy boundaries. And when done right, boundaries convey gentle strength and kindness that improve relationships

Learn the four steps that make boundaries simple and easy!

Fully Claim Your Life
cycle breaking for a new normal
If you feel torn in all directions, filling everyone else’s needs at the expense of your mental, emotional and physical well being there is a way to create balance. Move from overwhelm to free, from chaos to calm.

The above three courses are the path and journey, the method and process for emotional healing so you can do gentle boundaries and fully claim your life. These are the three pillars of my Level UP program. 

Learn more about Level UP here: 
Other Courses and Workshops
This goals workshop was by far my most popular workshop this year. You can access the full replay here:
Create Goals that Stick
Power Goals with ease and confidence
What would it feel like to set AND achieve your goals each and every time with ease and confidence? 

This works because it's a process I've developed the past year combining several different techniques. I reached each and every one of my goals for 2021 - physical, spiritual, emotional, relationship and other goals. This is a complete workshop replay
21 Days of Empowered Growth
calm your inner critic
Imagine being able to ...

✔️ end ruminating thoughts
✔️ increase your self worth
✔️ decrease negative self talk
✔️ release stuck emotions, situations and relationships

Learn FOUR key steps to amazing growth and internal motivation with these short videos to conquer that negative inner critic
Creative Problem Solving
from stuck to flow quick and easy
Whether you desire creative solutions to current problems and challenges OR you're a creative - a writer, crafter or maker - this is for YOU!

Our brain is awesome. Its electrical capacity to produce thought and create ideas never shuts off even in our sleep. So why do blocks even happen? 

It is absolutely possible to clear your current block at the source and when quickly move through any future block with ease. This is a complete workshop replay

Emotions and Gut Health
from twisted to relaxed
Here's how I set myself free from lifelong gut issues

Learn to intentionally and mindfully invite a relaxed digestive tract from top to bottom anytime you feel gut tension and easily tap into peace and calm 

Aroma Reset to go!
Do you love experiencing a guided Aroma Reset?

Do you wish you could have a guided reset anytime you need it? One you can do on the go, anywhere, anytime?
   I've got you covered!!
FREE Courses and Workshop Replays
ALL Workshop Replays
Immediately access ALL complimentary workshops!

Every month in 2022 Dee conducts a 4 week workshop. The first week is a complimentary intro to the topic that month. You can access ALL intro workshops in one place

Our Amazing Nervous System
as a healing tool
Learn how to reset when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, panicked, numb, depleted or shut down. Did you know that's exactly how our amazing nervous system is designed?

Quiet Your Inner Critic
LIVE Workshop Replay Intro Week #1
Do you beat yourself up? Ruminate?

What would it feel like if that inner voice was more loving? How would your life be if you could truly nurture yourself? What if you learned how to stop that inner critic and stop bullying yourself?

Learn these two techniques you can use today to empower your healing journey!
Create Goals that Stick
LIVE Workshop Replay Intro Week #1
If you're not ready to dive into the full course above grab this free replay and decide later if you'd enjoy the full course!

Creative Problem Solving
LIVE Workshop Replay Intro Week #1
If you're not ready to dive into the full course above grab this free replay and decide later if you'd enjoy the full course!

Gentle Boundaries Workshop
LIVE Workshop Replay Intro Week #1
Introduction to Gentle Boundaries and Boundary Basics. What are some things missing from all the boundary information out there? A brand new way to look at boundaries. What boundaries are and are not plus the six types of boundaries. We'll clear any negative thoughts and invite clarity and power your most challenging area.
Emotional Balance Workshop
LIVE Workshop Replay Intro Week #1
  • You may have heard of fight / flight and rest / digest but did you know there's a total of 5 states of our nervous system?
  • This is important because chronic stress affects not only our emotional and mental health but our entire physical body, immune system and gut health
  • Learn how to quickly move from fight / flight to peace
  • Full one hour workshop video plus helpful tools
Emotions and Memories
from spinning to peace

  • How memories stored in the brain
  • How memories and emotions stored in the body
  • Why our thoughts sometimes loop endlessly
  • Set memories and thoughts free with ease
  • Breakthrough and invite ease into every facet of your life
5 Days of Gratitude
FREE Guided Practice
Back in late 2019 I had read an article about resilience that mentioned cultivating contentment based on a verse. It sounded almost too simple. The article mentioned cultivating gratitude, choosing contentment and prayer. I tried it. It worked.

7 Days to Vitality
Using your new superpower!
Imagine how your life would change if you could recapture your vitality! 

✨ What would you do? 
✨ What could you accomplish?

Complimentary Mini Course!
24 Ways to Say No
with grace and ease
Graphic series PLUS printable tips / worksheet

21 Days of Encouragement
Daily email / text
Join me for 21 days of encouragement! Each day you'll receive one message of encouragement along with an optional journal prompt to use with your FREE printable journal. You can get text, email or both.

Essential Oils 101
Learn why oils are so powerful!
Did you know plants take the power of the sun and transform that powerful energy into everything it needs to survive and thrive?

What can that mean for you? 

Other Workshops
Free Replays
Here's an assortment of workshop replays and free recipes for DIY and all sorts of natural solutions using things you probably have in your pantry so you can:
✔️ save money
✔️ reduce toxins

What else?
Aroma Freedom is a step by step process to  release  negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with our sense of identity, our beliefs about ourself
It helps us clear the past and stay motivated in the present
Learn more about Aroma Freedom (AFT)

"Every breathing thing - let it praise Jah" 
Psalm 150

Here are the two brands of oils I recommend:
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