Emotional Balance
from chaos to calm in three easy steps
How would your life look if you could:

  • Feel your emotions from a place of balanced peace and calm
  • Honor your emotions and invite ease into your life
Emotions and Memories
from spinning to peace

  • How memories stored in the brain
  • How memories and emotions stored in the body
  • Why our thoughts sometimes loop endlessly
  • Set memories and thoughts free with ease
  • Breakthrough and invite ease into every facet of your life

Gentle Boundaries
from trapped to free with grace and ease
Do you struggle with boundaries? Is the word boundary scary? Does it sound confrontational or difficult? Have you tried and just can't make boundaries stick? People don't respect your boundaries? 

If you think you can't do boundaries, think again!

With the right tools, anyone  can establish and maintain good, healthy boundaries. And when done right, boundaries convey gentle strength and kindness that improve relationships

Learn the four steps that make boundaries simple and easy!

21 Day Boundary Challenge
Soar to your greatest potential
Imagine being able to ...

✔️ end ruminating thoughts
✔️ increase your self worth
✔️ decrease negative self talk
✔️ release stuck emotions, situations and relationships

Learn FOUR key steps to amazing growth and internal motivation

Emotions and Gut Health
from twisted to relaxed
Here's how I set myself free from lifelong gut issues

Learn to intentionally and mindfully invite a relaxed digestive tract from top to bottom anytime you feel gut tension and easily tap into peace and calm 

Aroma Reset to go!
Do you love experiencing a guided Aroma Reset?

Do you wish you could have a guided reset anytime you need it? One you can do on the go, anywhere, anytime?
   I've got you covered!!
7 Days to Vitality
Using your new superpower!
Imagine how your life would change if you could recapture your vitality! 

✨ What would you do? 
✨ What could you accomplish?

Join the Revolution!
My Transformation Journey 
If you want to ditch the standard work week and serve from your heart instead here's my journey so far

Essential Oils 101
Learn why oils are so powerful!
Did you know plants take the power of the sun and transform that powerful energy into everything it needs to survive and thrive?

What can that mean for you? 

Other Workshops
Free Replays
Here's an assortment of workshop replays and free recipes for DIY and all sorts of natural solutions using things you probably have in your pantry so you can 

✔️ save money
✔️ reduce toxins

What else?
Aroma Freedom is a step by step process to  release  negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with our sense of identity, our beliefs about ourself
It helps us clear the past and stay motivated in the present
Learn more about Aroma Freedom (AFT)
Many people ask me what oils I recommend - here's  the brand I use and why

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