The other day in my nervous system school group meet we practiced being fully present and listening to our assigned partner. We swapped places and in the next round we practiced "biological rudeness" or complete lack of presence for our assigned partner. We were assured this was practice and we were play acting but it was certainly an experience.. It's one I'd like to share with you . 

Being fully present for another person is known by many names: empathy, holding space, grace, validating - have you heard of other ways to express this concept? 

Being fully present for another human is sometimes a challenge. Have you ever been distracted or bored when you should be listening? Have you ever felt like you heard enough of the story and ready to interrupt? Have you experienced heightened anxious feelings or nervousness? What else have you experienced when you are supposed to be listening? 

That indicates a moving toward emotional and nervous system disregulation. That's not helpful for us or the other person. 

During our practice we were to use our resources to stay regulated and present. Aroma reset is by far my best regulating tool and why I recommend it. Honestly though, when sitting with another person how convenient is it to reset? I did that later of course to center and ground myself, but in the moment it was helpful to pull my other resources like 1:1 breathing and soft belly breathing and others. 

Those practices also helped as the other person was practicing biological rudeness. We were supposed to look at our cell phone, look around the room, interrupt, etc. Being able to center and ground while someone is being rude helps us support ourself. 

In reality such rudeness impacts relationships. 

It made the point, though, about the importance of being fully present for others and not being rude. I began to reflect on my own habits of being fully present for others. In the coming few months I'll be sharing more. It's likely the topic of my 2024 first quarter masterclass. Stay tuned and be sure you're on my workshop notification list: Workshop Waitlist

How would it benefit you to practice being fully present? How would it help you to be able to balance yourself when others are not fully present? What questions do you have that I could include in the masterclass? 

Share your thoughts and comments below ▼ I love hearing from you ❤️

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