Face Serum DIY Recipe

Dee's 3 Ingredient Face Serum

Time to refill my face serum! I choose different essential oils every time but always face nourishing and healing. 

My favorite carrier of all time is rosehip seed oil. All by itself it's skin healing but add essential oils and now it's super powered! Avocado oil and sweet almond oil are super oils for skin support. 

Some essential oils that are super supportive especially for aging skin are frankincense and myrrh. Both are from a resin so super healing. I have a workshop for blending by plant part as part of my emotional balance workshop.

Sometimes I add geranium and lavender. Geranium is from the leaves and lavender from the flowers so both are emotionally supportive plus both are great for skin. Emotional support slipped into skincare and rolled into one! Pretty cool, huh?

Add a pretty sticker with what oils you used or add a note to your recipe printable. Any sticker will do but I print mine off Avery Design and Print free online and purchase blank sticker sheets. 

Other oils I would recommend are cedar wood, chamomile, helichrysum, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and ylang ylang. Juniper berry and cypress are good too. Use what you have on hand or what oils "speak" to you, which ones you're drawn to. Listen to your body, it know what it needs. Be sure to use good quality essential oils and here's a quick and easy click and go supply list!

Here's a quick video demo: 



In the curated list are all ones I've purchased in the past and liked. Not all of these meet my criteria completely: organic and nonGMO is a must for me and if I can get it cold pressed plus hexane free that's a bonus. Usually cold pressed is hexane free but not always. That's a chemical both nut oil and essential oil producers use to get more yield of plant material. Chemicals in exchange for profit, no thanks. That's another reason I'm a fan of Young Living essential oils and all the other products that help me reduce toxins in personal care and home cleaning. 

If you haven't caught my workshop on plant power and essential oils you can grab that here 

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