So here's some things I do to keep myself above the wellness line. It doesn't take extra time, just simple things integrated into my normal daily life.

My Morning Protocol
  • First thing I do is check in with my body, it's going to get me through my day so I take note of sore spots and gently stretch, get everything loosened and ready to move. It's important I get fluids moving so they can start doing their job of keeping all systems running smooth! There's a ton of science behind that but that's not for this post. 
  • OIl Cleansing 
    • Instead of soap to clean my face I use oil cleansing method using V6 oil blend - it's the most cost effective organic oil I've found compared to ones I used to purchase on Amazon
    • I lightly rub in the direction of my heart to promote fluid drainage from face and sinuses, get that lymph system humming along! 
    • I follow with rosehip seed oil blended with frankincense and lavender to support my aging skin. 
    • In addition to all the health benefits, a little bit of self care goes a long way to support emotional wellness which in turn supports my physical and mental wellness. 
  • Oil Up - layered over time during my morning routine
    • Lady Sclareol roller - specially formulated to support women my age read more...
    • For women under 50 see Progessence Plus which contains USP-grade progesterone from wild yam extract
    • Sacred Mountain roller - for grounding and empowerment read more...
    • White Angelica roller - to inspire feelings of security and optimism read more..
    • Rollerballs make it super easy to just roll some on in between normal morning stuff
  • Supplements
    • Probiotic (I like Life 9 with 17 billion live cultures)
    • Elderberry Syrup - 1 tsp homemade recipe here
    • Protein Shake ingredients:
      • Protein Powder - I like Vega Protein and Greens
      • Blackstrap Molasses - organic 1TB
      • Flaxseed - whole organic not preground 1TB
      • Cinnamon - a good sprinkle because I love it 
      • Ginger - fresh organic, about an inch sized piece
      • Nutmeg - fresh organic grated
      • Thieves - 1 drop for immune support
      • Banana - organic
      • Beet - small 1.5" cube provides B9, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C among other benefits - it adds color and sweet but doesn't change the taste of the shake
    • NingXia Red super food and antioxidant download PDF or read more here...
My normal stresses of life show up as gastrointestinal distress since childhood. Despite my best efforts I sometimes need some extra support to keep things calm. 
  • Digestive enzymes like these help me as needed. 
  • When things are really tumultuous I focus on just having oatmeal, applesauce, banana for a day or two until things settle
  • Mindful eating, breathing and calming while eating helps me so much
  • Whole organic foods
  • Reduced sugar, caffeine and alcohol
  • Personally I can't do dairy (inflammatory) and other things under the direction of a nutritionist
My Evening Protocol
Humans have two modes - fight / flight gives us power for doing things while rest / digest allows the body to repair providing balance. Here's how I support being able to gently activate rest cycle:
  • Dimming lights as the night progresses supports natural release of meletonin
  • About an hour before bedtime I stretch to get out any kinks and start to relax
  • Oil cleansing for face with light massage as outlined above
  • Apply night time oils that promote rest and sleep - lavender and cedarwood are my favorites
  • Start diffuser with lavender and cedarwood with maybe a drop of chamomile or valerian
  • No electronics if possible and my phone uses Twilight to dim and reduce blue light
Well there ya have it - what do you do to promote wellness? 
Share your thoughts and comments below ▼ I love hearing from you ❤️

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