Essential Self Care
Today I'm engaged in activities I consider essential to emotional balance. Everyday I focus on some sort of healing activity. Daily Bible reading, prayer and contemplating what I read is top priority for me. Daily volunteer work is essential. Some days I work on activities to support necessary income so we have essentials to keep alive like purchasing food. I’m thankful in the world the way it is I can purchase food even though sometimes what I desire to purchase isn’t available. We have food to eat and ability to prepare simple meals. Finally every day ends with stretching and my thankfulness (gratitude) practice. Even on days when I forget to actually write in my journal I mindfully connect to things I am thankful for.

Hiking, gardening and being in nature nourish my soul. Here in the northern hemisphere spring is around the corner so I’m planting seeds indoors for my garden. Watercolor painting also nourishes my soul. 

Focusing on activities that nourish your soul is not a “nice to do“ optional activity. If you desire emotional healing and balance it’s absolutely essential to focus on activities that nourish your soul. Make the time, put it in your planner. If it’s not in your planner it’s not going to happen. We don’t just magically find time for things as if we never have anything to do that’s going to take our time. Generally humans have so much to do we get overwhelmed and shut down and don’t do anything. If you are a sensitive soul seeking emotional healing check out this complimentary workshop replay. It’s absolute gold for empowering and leveling up your emotional healing
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