Are Emotions Imperfect?
Our emotions aren’t imperfect. They were created as gifts with specific purposes in mind. Sometimes due to human imperfections they’re not in balance but the basic emotion isn’t the problem. The level we feel may be imperfect but not the core emotion itself. Researching things like anger and jealousy in my study of scripture using my bible encyclopedia for insight is pretty mind blowing. 

Did you know underneath exclusive devotion and zeal is the emotion of jealousy? Without anger we become enmeshed with a complete loss of boundaries, we self abandon and can't stand up for what's right. 

Emotions only arise in response to specific situations and tuning in to address those emotions at their very lowest level was key to my emotional balance. Emotions only escalate when we stuff them down and plow through life. 

Without emotions we can’t have dedication, commitment, honor or conviction. Those qualities are based in the heathy levels of emotions like anger and jealousy. 

What if you could back up and notice your emotions before they escalate? What if you heard their message and could address the situation quickly and easily, neither stuffing emotion down nor letting emotion spill out all over? Over or under control of emotions doesn't allow room for them serve their purpose. We don't need to address and challenge every situation but if we could calmly decide with our whole mind, wouldn't that be great?

What if in response to a situation that causes anger to arise we could simply ask questions? What if we were able to just ask someone calmly to explain or provide more detail? Maybe we're jumping to conclusions, maybe we don't have the entire story. Or maybe we do. We'd only know if we could calmly ask questions and reset then make a mindful decision how to proceed. If we get more information we can simply express and reset the boundary that might need to be reset. The other person gets to decide to honor that stated wish or preference. What happens after that is another blog entirely! The anger is gone, resentment is gone, the emotion served it's purposes, is complete and we are restored to peace. How does that sound to you?

“Thinking ability will keep watch over you, and discernment will safeguard you." says a wise Proverb

Talking to others, keeping a journal and prayer really help me understand what's happening and how to heal. 

Tuning into our emotions at their lowest levels and trying to maintain healthy, balanced levels is the key. I teach others  based on my research and experience how to do that and shortcut the learning curve for you

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