Let Go of Painful Memories and Limiting Beliefs
Do you have difficult memories? Have you put them in a box in your mind and try to keep the lid closed? What if you had a way to let go of the emotional attachment and inner story connected to those memories? How free would you feel?
That has been my experience for two years. Others have also experienced the same. Some of the memories I have let go of were intensely traumatic. Some of my limiting beliefs were old stories passed on to me. Some of the old stories were conclusions about myself and the world around me that I came to during some painful experiences.

How It Happens

Let's face it, every human is bound to have painful interactions. It's part of being a child and growing up. Things happen at school, at home and when we enter the workforce. Life can take a toll.
In these moments, we create a story about why it happened. It’s just how our brain works. It’s designed to keep us safe and to learn lessons.
That process is efficient and helpful when it comes to things like walking. We learned how to walk through trial and error and some painful falls. No need to wake up every day and learn it all over again!
Sometimes things we learn don’t serve us. Maybe those lessons and stories kept us safe long ago, but they don’t serve us now as adults.
For example, we may have fun in the school playground and get teased. Our brain tells us to stay small and quiet so we won’t get teased. Stay out of the limelight. Now that we’re adults, we sometimes desire some boldness and confidence. Our brain tells us to stay small and quiet.

What To Do

What a dilemma! How do we eliminate those old stories? How do we let go of those limiting beliefs? How do we rewrite the script?
I'm here to let you know you can unload ALL that baggage. You don't need to hide it in the dark corners of your brain. You can look back on those memories as just a regular memory. You CAN let the pain go.
If you want to know more about how to do that, read more here Aroma Freedom Technique

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  1. I kept this post and reread and reread. I want to “let go” of the repeating story in my head! I want to be free!
    Thank you, Dee!

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