Life Lessons from the Trail - alter your reality
It was the kind of moment in time that comes and goes so quickly the lesson could have easily been lost. Of course, because I was out on the trail, I had time to contemplate not only the humor but to receive the lesson.

Here’s what happened. We were walking along and I was a few steps ahead. Typically at the time of morning we go hiking there are the occasional strings of web. You know the kind where the spider rappelled  from a tree on one side to a tree on the other side Tarzan style.

At one point I walked through a slightly larger web. Naturally, it was uncomfortable but my head took it in a total different direction. It didn’t help that along with the web came something larger. It whisked past my face down to the ground. When I gazed down I jumped forward but it seem to follow me. My mind imagined the worst. Obviously, a large spider or other creature was after me!

To make matters worse in a split second Tony was now in the same spot I had been and it was after him too! It seemed to run after him moving along after us as we walked quickly past. We walk at quite a pace doing 2.6 miles in 50 minutes or so. So we usually just keep that forward momentum at a speed.

As we had slowed enough to look behind us we burst out laughing as we saw the leaf that was torturing us for those few seconds!

So what possible lesson did I walk away with? (pun intended 😁) So many lessons!

First and foremost, our thoughts do create our reality in a very real way. We saw something big and scary and our minds created that reality. We had two very  small bits of information. There was a web. There was a leaf. That’s the actual facts. However, our minds filled in the missing bits and drew conclusions based on fear. Based on nothing but fear. Completely fabricating the existence of something harmful.

Every day throughout the day we’re  presented with opportunities, choices as to how we view the facts. For a long time I didn’t believe this was true. I believed my circumstances needed to change before I could possibly view things differently.  I learned that’s not true.

Distill things down to just the facts and only the facts. Remove the story and editorial. Write the fact down and challenge it. Is it fact? Most times what we think is fact is nothing of the sort. It’s a conclusion, story or editorial. Dig deep.

Circumstances may be challenging. Relationships may be difficult. How we view them impacts what we do and the choices we make even in the most difficult situations. Some have even viewed being imprisoned for their faith as an opportunity. Can you imagine? That’s a really powerful viewpoint. That’s their choice. They choose.

We can choose too and I can’t cover all the possibilities here in a few short words. I do invite you to perhaps look at things in a new light, to turn things around and be open the the possibility we do choose how we fill in the bits. We choose the story we fabricate in our mind about the facts. We can choose. We do choose. And what we choose is within our power to choose. Choose fear or choose faith. What do you choose?

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